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Love hard, drive fast and live loud. The Drive Me Wild series is a sexy, humorous, adrenaline-pumping sweet ride. 

Book One- Fox, the protector and Harley, the wild child.

Harley Jane Wyatt is a drifter. Her smart mouth and tough girl exterior have gotten her through some tough times. Fox is deeply devoted to his family and loves fast cars. When he offers a stranded girl a ride, he has no idea just how much she’ll rock his work. Harley and Fox soon discover the chemistry between them is so powerful it can rev an engine to the red line.

Book Two- Mack, the Street Racing King and Jonna, his rival’s baby sister. 

Jonna Fox has made it her business to learn everything about Mack King and it doesn’t matter that he is her brother’s rival. Racing is everything to Mack. He has dominated the sport of illegal street racing for four years and is the undisputed King of the Carolinas. Racers respect him, emulators hate him and women can’t resist him. After one incredibly hot and passion filled night Jonna discovers that underneath the heavy weight of his crown there is so much more to Mack and the dangerous life he leads. 

Prequel (Or Book Three)- Annie, a walking disaster and H, her unlikely hero.

A tumultuous life and a series of bad choices have led Annie to a desperate place. Nearly homeless, alone and emotionally scarred with two small boys to care for she must get her hands on a lot of money and fast. Annie finds an unlikely hero in a mysterious man who simply goes by the name of H. Destiny forces their paths to cross and out of nowhere, H just seems to keep showing up when she needs him the most. With so much at stake is Annie willing to follow her unreliable heart and trust she isn’t making another bad decision or will her fierce yet gentle giant prove to be worth the risk? 

Book Three (Or Book Four) - Blake, the crew mechanic and Tayia, his temptation. 

Tayia Jones has a secret, a big secret. She is madly in love with Blake, the only man capable of possessing her heart. They were meant for each other, Tayia felt it in her bones. But when Blake’s mother and her father announced they were to be married it crushes her. She begins to fear her soul is destined to go through life without its match. One fateful night changes everything. Tayia learns she isn’t alone in her attraction and that Blake is also torn between doing what is right in the eyes of their family, and giving into his craving to make Tayia his once and for all.

June 23
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