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Evolved Publishing presents the third in the erotic/romance "The Sugar House Novellas" series by award-winning author Pavarti K. Tyler. [DRM-Free]

Caitrin’s a Dominatrix at the high class brothel The Sugar House, and an elegant burlesque performer with leagues of men and women falling at her feet. The Sugar House is her home, her hunting ground, but she’s never felt like she belonged. Only with her childhood friends and fellow deviants, Donovan and Raef, has she found her place.

Donovan prefers his women on the submissive side, and likes to create erotic art out of rope and the female form. When a crisis at The Sugar House puts a friend in trouble, he must confront his deeper feelings for the one woman he’s told himself he can’t have – Caitrin.

With their friendship in turmoil and The Sugar House on the verge of collapse, can these two friends find their way to each other? Find out in the final installment of the "Sugar House Novella" series.

Be sure to check out the first 2 books in this series: "Sugar & Salt" and "Protecting Portia."

Fiction & Literature
November 15
Evolved Publishing LLC
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glhince ,

insight into these two very complex yet compelling characters.

The Sugar House novellas return with the third installment that, among other storylines, focuses on Catrin and Donovan, giving us insight into these two very complex yet compelling characters. Part of the intrigue in this series comes specifically from the characters: the slow unravelling of their stories and their introduction to this world, and the growth of them as people that intrigue, delight, frustrate and reveal themselves in quite surprising ways.

Caitrin is a Dominatrix and is obsessed with control: her control to make people safe, keep them safe, even as they are experiencing acts and actions that are beyond the comfort zone of many. A long history of feeling abandoned and vulnerable have left Caitrin with a hard outer shell, hiding the tumult of emotion and insecurities from those early years deep within. In fact, when questioned and in the right frame to be brutally honest about herself, she shared.
“I never felt safe after what he did. I never managed to let go of what happened. So, I make sure the people who come to see me – the men and women who need what I offer – are completely safe. They release into me, and I make sure no one can hurt them”.
That protective streak, that desire to make a safe haven for everyone around her is the key to Caitrin, even if she rarely allows her own emotions to creep into her interactions.

Donovan is also a Dom, but his specialty is rope work, aside from his artist’s eye, this feeds his own needs for control and beauty, and the position of ‘control’ allows him to not accidentally ‘fall’ for any of his conquests. Because Don knows one thing: he is hopelessly in love with Cait, and he isn’t willing to allow her to keep the ‘friends only’ label on their relationship without a fight. He will push, prod, poke and finally ‘proclaim’ that they are dating, to Cait’s great fear and confusion. Interaction between these two is fiery: loaded with sexual tension, their history and shared humor, secrets and even outlook on the world all builds to make an entertaining and brutally honest display of a relationship working out the ‘kinks’.

We also get to check in to Portia and Jackson, Janet and Salt, and a bit more from Raef. Finally, my vote for one of the sleaziest human beings in fiction gets his just rewards. You don’t just get hot (and it is off the charts, be sure to have ice handy) sex, you get a whole ‘family’ of people in transition, far from the ‘expected’ stereotypes of a brothel, these are characters with hearts and hopes, a sense of morality that sets them apart from others in the trade, and a loyalty to one another, even if they aren’t ‘besties’. This is the world of The Sugar House, as its denizens learn and grow: giving us yet another peek at what makes people tick.

I purchased a copy of this title for my own library. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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