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A desperate young woman ... Lady Louisa Barrick will do anything to save her estate and the village that depends on it, but when she tries to use a rakish privateer in her scheme, things don't turn out as planned.

A duke masquerading as a privateer ... Jonathan Derek Wentworth has a scheme of his own: to track down the ton-based smuggling gang responsible for his father's death. When he's caught in a compromising situation with Lady Louisa, he decides it's better to marry her than to risk being ostracized by the London society whose invitations are vital to his plan. But Louisa refuses to marry him, unless he meets her terms, one of which is a month-long reprieve from consummation.

Intent on seduction, Derek doesn't count on his unexpected jealousy wreaking havoc with his emotions, his marriage, and his masquerade. Lucy, still grieving the death of her father, wants desperately to avoid another heartbreak, but fears she may have schemed herself into a marriage with the one man destined to break her heart: a man who isn't what he seems, who obviously can't be trusted, and who will surely leave her the first chance he gets.

April 11
Wentworth Publishing
Stephie Smith

Customer Reviews

My Passion Is Reading ,

Good Review

I enjoyed the book, but it could have been better. There were a lot places where the book just seemed to drag on and on. It could have been better with a 100 less pages. There were also too many scenes where there were miscommunications between Derek and Lucy. Lucy was very immature and one minute she trusted Derek and the next she didn’t. This went on through out the book. But overall it was a good book.

Suzie-Q66 ,

great mystery, great romance, hero to die for

said it all in the title, but want to add that I also was reminded of Judith McNaught's books as I read it.

stkw2701 ,

Great plot & characters

Really enjoyed this book. Liked the characters and it had a good plot. Kept my interest all the way through.

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