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The Briarleys are one of the oldest families in England -- but after centuries of sin and scandal, they are on the verge of extinction. Now, at the most talked-about house party of the summer, the surviving Briarley heiresses will create a new set of scandals while attempting to win back their birthright -- if love doesn't conquer all their schemes.

A devil who won’t be denied…

Too powerful to care for such petty things as morals, the Duke of Thorington lives as he pleases. And it pleases him to be known as a cruel, heartless blackguard — one no sane woman would dare to marry. But when his fortunes unexpectedly crumble, he must find a way to save his family from ruin. To succeed, Thorington needs an heiress. There’s only one problem…

A lady who can’t be contained…

Bold, daring Callista Briarley has survived riots, plagues, and revolutions while building her own privateering enterprise, but the sharks of English society are an entirely new challenge. It will all be worth it if she wins Maidenstone Abbey — a house her ancestors spent centuries killing each other for. To succeed, Callie needs a powerful ally. There’s only one problem…

Two hearts destined to ignite…

During the most infamous house party of the summer, Callie and Thorington have one chance to secure both their futures. But Callie’s need for freedom is directly at odds with Thorington’s brand of control. When her past puts them both in danger, will their unexpected love be enough to conquer all?

Heiress Games series:

Duke of Thorns (Heiress Games #1)

Lord of Deceit (Heiress #2)

Taking the Earl (Heiress #3)

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November 8
Sara Wampler
Sara Wampler

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A fast and fun read

Sara Ramsey does well with pacing. I would have preferred it if the heroine had more opportunities to shine. I like to see female protagonists who are clearly competent and talented.

effiemea ,

Duke of Thorns

Another Sara Ramsey fantastic read!

Yva74 ,


I read & loved all Sara's books and this one was no exception! Beautiful writing style, story that keeps your attantion from cover to cover...! Could be stand-alone but I recommend that you first read "Muses of Mayfair" series! I can not wait her next book, "Lord of Deceit" and all the rest in the "Heiress Games" series! Bravo, Sara!

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