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Shelli Adler has known what she wanted since she was eleven years old.

Aiden Brooks.

But Aiden has always had other ideas. After spending the early years of his life without his dad, hockey legend Lucas Brooks, Aiden is determined not to settle for anything less than true love. When he’s ready. Now he’s living the fast life of an NHL bachelor. He won’t give his heart to any one girl, but they can have his body—all night long.

The party to celebrate the start of the second half of the season was supposed to be no different from any other night. And when a stunning stranger approaches him, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

The next morning, she’s gone, and he’s been traded to his dad’s former team, the Nashville Assassins. All of his professional dreams are coming true, but he can’t shake the memory of the girl from that last party. He wants to see her again. Though, after moving across the country—and without knowing her name—that dream seems like a puck destined to miss the net.

For Shelli, her night with Aiden was everything she’d ever imagined it could be, and she’s sure it is all about to change for them. But for that to happen…he would have to know who she was.

The Dump was only the beginning. The Chase is worth waiting a lifetime for.

April 30
Toni Aleo Books LLC
Toni Aleo

Customer Reviews

Sasper5 ,

So Sweet......

I was so excited when Aiden Brooks book came out and not only that, but Shelli Adler is the girl Toni picked for him. Dump and Chase is the Nashville Assassins: Next Generation series. I didn’t like at first how Aiden treated Shelli. Aiden is playing for the Rangers in NY, but his dream team is the Nashville Assassins. He would give anything to play on his dad old team. Then he gets the call from his agent what he has been waiting forever Elli Adler, the owner of the Assassins, is making a trade to get him. He’s going home to Tennessee. Shelli has just finished her show on Broadway and is reading to go home, but before she leaves she wants to make Aiden aware of her because has had a thing for him since she was 14. I just loved Shelli Adler because she is just as spunky and beautiful as her mom Elli. Aiden and Shelli finally get together or so Shelli thought. After a one night stand, in which Aiden had no idea it was Shelli, they both head back home to Nashville. A lot of twist and turns happens with the couple and add in both set of parents and siblings they eventually try to see if they are meant to be. It was so hilarious how Shea’s angina would kick in when they talk about Shelli’s sex life. Another awesome Assassins book, but don’t take my word. Give it a try!

AbsoluteB ,

A must read!

Toni has outdone herself with this book! Its a great start to the next generation of Assassins. Shelli has known what she’s wanted since a young girl. Now she is a strong young woman who is going to make that happen. Aiden has relationship issues that stem from childhood and to see him work through them and find his person. A bonus is we get to see the original Assassins and updates on their lives. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

CM DeOliveira ,

Hot hockey player and sassy mouth girl

Dump and Chase

Hot hockey player with commitment issues and a sassy mouth girl with a long time crush. Funny, full of passion with a side of crazy and absolutely entertaining. Well thought out with love for the new generation and respect and staying true to the old characters and their stories. Reading this book was like coming back home and catching up with your family.

Aiden hot and sexy with relationship issues but with total commitment to his hockey career and his crazy family. When one night with a girl he can’t forget turns out to be the daughter of his new boss and close family friend, his screwed. As much as he tries to resist his heart knows better. Sorting out his feelings, keeping his new job, and keeping from being killed or losing his legs by her father gets be too much to deal with. When faced with a question that might reveal to much his answer might destroy everything he wants?

Shelli’s crush for Aiden is no secret to everyone except him. When she finally gets a chance at having him will his issues be too much to overcome? He’s skittish and she tries to be patient but can her heart and her pride survive?

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