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Sometimes all it takes is one night to change your life. Head to Eternal Eros and experience the first three books in the bestselling Dungeon Singles Night Series!


"Heat, humor, life or death adventure, and a perfectly imperfect leading man- Anya Summers puts it all together in this delightful first book in the Dungeon Singles Night series, Midnight Masquerade."- USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose

Sophia is in trouble. Again.

Maybe it's the masks. Maybe she needs to feel something other than regret.

Whatever the reason, she is either daring… or foolish… when she trades places with another submissive, and ends up spending the night in her mysterious boss's bed.

He doesn't recognize her, but now she's had him, she knows one taste of his dark love will never be enough.

Gabriel Ryan has one firm rule: don't sleep with employees.

Even though he's infuriated beyond measure to discover Sophia in his bed after a night of mind-blowing pleasure, she is now in his blood. He craves her. Needs her. Yearns for her surrender.

But she is forbidden. He will break her with his dark desires.

When Sophia's dangerous past waltzes into his club, Gabriel must protect her. He must claim her. And break every single one of his rules to keep her safe.


Dakota needs help. Badly.

The last thing she expects is for the Bad Boy of Eternal Eros to step in, sweep her off her feet, and offer his protection. 

Maybe she accepts because they were matched up at the last singles night. Maybe it was the scorching passion she experienced at his skilled hands. Maybe it's the way he dotes on her daughter. 

All she knows is that the more the lines between reality and fantasy blur, the harder it will be to let him go. The more time he spends posing as her fake fiancé, the more she realizes she's no longer faking her feelings. With every touch, every kiss, every heated glance, she realizes she wants more than one night. She wants the scarred bad boy's heart to be hers for all time.


Sylvie fell for the enigmatic Dom after a single night in his arms.

And she fell hard. Never before had she craved a man with her entire heart and soul. So when Fate unexpectedly tore them apart, she didn't want to let him go. 

But life didn't ask what she wanted.

Sylvie rocketed into Dean Ryan's world like a force of nature. Body and soul, his heart beat for her. He couldn't stop the craving in his blood to claim her, dominate her, give her everything she needed. Yet when he least expected it, she disappeared, shattering his hopes and dreams for a future with her in his arms, his life… his bed.

Dean's wretched heart has not healed, yet when Sylvie walks back through the doors of Eternal Eros, he will do anything to uncover her secrets and make her his.

She shattered his heart, but he knows her sweet surrender is the only thing that can save his soul.

October 26
S & G Books, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shalucas ,

Started with Dungeons 1st Collection

Okay, I’ll admit I was hooked after reading but than I just couldn’t stopped. I’m now on book 8 so I’m just going to say Thank you Anya, girl keep writing!! 😍

sisters_70s ,

Dungeon Collection

The set of books gave you reading about each of these set of characters with their bumps and suspense to get to the hea within the Eternal Eros night club where your Dom helps steal your heart.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Gallowaygirly ,

A great series of books

*Midnight Masquerade - I loved Sophia who is an intelligent and sassy woman who knows what she wants and when she interviewed with Gabe, she knew she wanted him. The feeling was mutual but he has a rule not to date employees. Events happen that he was not prepared for and finally he admits his feelings for Sophia. Danger from Sophia’s past finally catches up with her which stresses Gabe to the max. I loved this story because it has two very strong H/h characters who know what they want but Gabe holds back. It was fun to read how Sophia broke down his barriers to find the love they have both always wanted. It is well written and entertaining.
*Midnight Mystique - This is a great addition to the Dungeon Singles Night series and it focuses on Dakota and Ryker relationship. What starts out with Ryker being drawn by Dakota as her Dom for the night turns into much more. The impact Dakota has on him is startling and he wants more. There is another major player in this story and that is Skye, Dakota’s young daughter. The interaction between Ryker and Skye is so well written and entertaining that it adds a lot of humor to the story. Skye’s father starts causing trouble and stress for Dakota. This is an excellent story that is so well written that you can easily picture what is happening in your mind. I loved the story and the strong characters that are featured in this book. This is definitely a story worth reading.
*Midsummer Night’s Dream - This is a great addition to the Dungeon Singles Night. As soon as Sylvie and Dean laid eyes on each other, they each knew there was a special connection which only became stronger after their first scene together. After spending several days together, Sylvie has to return home and there she gets the surprise of her life. She makes a life changing decision that causes her to be on death’s door. Misunderstanding on Deans part causes a major separation but eventually everything becomes clear and he has to work to win her back. This is a great love story that grabs your attention at the very beginning and holds it until the end. It is well written, easy to read and full of emotions. I loved it along with the others in this series and can’t wait to read the next one.
I received a free copy via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

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