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Fiery explosions. Men yelling. Women screaming. Complete chaos. Janet Feldman, a beautiful young woman with long brown hair, found herself on a hysterical, but heroic attempt to rescue her best friend, Sally. It was the culmination of a middle-of-the-night chase; an attempt to follow the car that held her best friend captive after being abducted from a swanky, sweaty, raucous party. And then that mountain man and his dog. Friend? Foe? Only time would tell.
Janet had received an unexpected party invitation. But not just any kind of a party invitation. It was one to a very posh and unabashed party to be held at a mansion in Bel Air, in the hills high above the expanse of the City of Los Angeles. An invitation that teased with skewed visions of the glamour and the exciting lives of the well-to-do. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Mentioning it to her best friend, Sally, started everything. Sally. Bubbly, perky, a beautiful blonde with a petite, but shapely figure. Always a hit at any occasion. Popular with the guys. She pleaded with Janet. “Let’s go. Just this once.” Who could say no to Sally? Reluctantly Janet agreed and with Sally as her plus-one, they arrived at the party, unsure of what to expect. Although living in the Los Angeles area had provided both women with exciting opportunities and an assortment of interesting friends; and although the idea of being in even the remotest proximity of notable celebrities, life for them was otherwise relatively normal.
That all changed, however, the night of that party. Sally’s abduction. Janet’s frantic race through the night in pursuit of an elusive car, all in an attempt to rescue her friend. Her efforts eventually brought her to the small town of Cold Creek. It was late. Very late. She was exhausted both emotionally and physically.
The small community was in a remote area of eastern California and far from the familiarity of the vastly populated, and dazzling areas of southern California. Waking later that morning in a tiny motel room, the day was bright and sunny, but she felt anything but bright and sunny. Her impulsive act drove myriad thoughts racing through her mind, including one very important question – was Sally anywhere nearby?
The events that unfolded from that moment on, threw Janet into a quest to not only somehow find her friend, but to get them both safely back home; because suddenly Janet was also being pursued. Hunted. An unexpected encounter with a mountain man, Greg Danes, and his loyal dog, Shadow, seemed a possible avenue of help. But the cavern, leading deep into a mountainside where Greg led her, claiming it would be safe, in addition to cryptic CB radio communications between a corrupt sheriff and few other men, added more cause for Janet’s already mounting concerns.
A sudden rescue by a heroic trio of local young men; then the betrayal of one of them leading to the sheriff’s capture of Janet, eventually led her to the discovery of her friend. Both ended up at a touted resort - the Quail Club, advertised as a place where men could to go and relax. But that would not stop an all-out rescue mission by the young men and federal agents, eventually culminating in that explosive and fiery event, but not without a few unexpected surprises.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 27
Peggy Lea Baker
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Khassy_ng ,

Overly interesting

The book starts in a monotonous way that might bore a novice reader almost immediately. It however, takes a drastic suspense-filled story and stays that way till the end.
An absolute delight to read, I was unable to take a break till I finished it. You just have to not get bored by the first 25 pages and then you're rewarded with an exceptional story that keeps you glued to the end.

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