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Enjoy this Collection of some of the older fiction stories written by Eddie Patin, back before he began his professional author career!

Ten years before his debut with the "Apocalypse Gate" Horror Grimdark series and other books published as a professional author, Eddie Patin wrote a mixed variety of dark fantasy, contemporary horror, and experimental sci-fi. These are some of his more polished stories, gathering Dust in Darkness:


Book 1
In Darkness of the Mountain's Night - A Hunter's Tale
Dark Werewolf Hunting Fantasy Horror

"Great story! Really interesting twist, and a very realistic feel of being away from civilization on a frigid mountain."

During an extraordinarily cold week of Elk season, high in the mountains, amidst weekend warriors bedecked in blaze orange and corrupt rangers looking for revenue, Brett and Jon find that there are more beasts than Elk in the high mountains, and more types of game than those listed on the books...

Enjoy this dark short story from Eddie Patin about a monster deep in the wilderness of the highland country, and the havoc it wreaks on hunting season.

"I love the atmosphere in this short story! It's a breath of (cold) fresh air getting back to the dark and scary aspects of werewolves in this time of teeny-bopper monster romance! Home run."


Book 2
Out of Paradise
A Short Story of Zombie Medieval Fantasy Fiction from the Tropics

"Great, short read! Most zombie fiction these days are more 'Walking Dead' than swords and sorcery. Good to read about a normal guy in a fantastic setting."

For Torg Brennan, a skilled carpenter from the city with a good heart, his decision to move to the tropical island of Ardouni was a choice well made.  Life is good.  His business is growing, he's getting along well with his new community, and his budding relationship with the playful and affectionate native, Naroli, is reminding him that he can love again.  

The city life has been left behind, and every day is a relaxed scene of turquoise waves, vivid green palms, and white, sandy beaches. But, as a dark force crawls out of the sea, snuffing out all life in its path and tearing families apart, will Torg and his new love escape with their lives?  Will his neighbors, who have accepted him as one of their own, survive?


Book 3
Reclaiming the Maze

A Short Fantasy Story about a Minotaur, from the MONSTER's Point of View

"A fun little short story about a monster taking back what's his from a bigger, badder monster. A+!!"

The story of Rexar, a powerful Minotaur, piecing together a mysterious eviction from his Labyrinth that left him waking one morning in the forest, and the short adventure of reclaiming his home from something bigger and badder than he is...


Book 4
Hijacked on Naos 5 - The Chronicles of Alex Varia
Grimdark Science Fiction Short Story and the First Story of Scout Cpl Alex Varia

Stranded on an ugly, hostile planet, freelance Infiltrator Alex Varia must track down and face an entire colony of savage, backward Zurgans to reclaim his ship after a salvage operation was rudely interrupted.

Enjoy this short novella from "The Chronicles of Alex Varia" series of Eddie Patin's Primoria universe.

"Can't wait to see more of Varia! Awaiting Patin's full-length Varia novel."


Read this collection of early short stories from Eddie Patin today!

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