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Read the series with 700 five-star reviews! A contemporary fantasy series unlike any other. Don’t believe us? Download a free sample and see for yourself!

The Dying for a Living Boxset Vol. 2 includes Dying Light, Worth Dying For, Dying Breath, and Dying Day (Books 4-7) in the Dying for a Living series. If you like "supernatural thrill-rides" and a quirky team that can't be beat, you'll love this series. 

Jesse Sullivan’s father is a sadistic murder with plans to rule the world. Given his ability to control minds and teleport at will, it seems his dark vision is coming to fruition. All that stands in his way is Jesse.

Yet no matter how badly he has hurt her and the ones she loves, Jesse can’t seem to forget he is her father. She must somehow forget the man she remembers from her childhood and see him for the monster he truly is.

And she almost can…until he offers her the one thing she can’t refuse.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Kory M. Shrum
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Customer Reviews

Momma Leew ,

Awesome Series

I really enjoyed the entire Dying for a Living series. The plot is compelling and the cast of characters totally works. Can’t wait to read some more titles from this author.

Book 3 in the Cosega Trilogy ,

Dying for a Living (the series)

I’m not a young adult, (as a matter of fact, I’m the mother of a few) and I chose the 1st book, Dying for a Living, because I was out of books and it was offered free on Bookbub. I’m glad I did, because I loved all of these books, and have been waiting for the finale for what seems like ages! I’ve read hundreds of books between 1-7 and 8, but the characters are so developed and compelling I have thought about their world and their story many times in between. When I realized that their ending was finally well, final, I almost didn’t want to read it! I re-read the first 7 to refresh my memory and stall the end some, but Dying Day was was one of the few finales from television, books, or movies that didn’t leave me feeling gypped for investing so much of myself. From the first book, Shrum’s newest series seems like it will be just as captivating if not more, and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Rocket sauces ,

Fantastic book

The series is well written, fast paced and a great adventure. I highly recommend this and fully expect it to be made into a movie or television series.

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