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Designed to give students a deep understanding of the central topics of introductory biology, E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is a captivating iBooks Textbook presented as a seven-unit collection. In this first unit, we explore the unity of life by examining the shared features of all living things, inherited from a universal common ancestor. In addition, we look at the evolutionary mechanisms that—over the course of 3.5 billion years—created the countless species and forms of life that populate our diverse living planet. Each unit of the engagingly interactive E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth features video, photo galleries, and Multi-Touch images and illustrations that inspire students to study, enjoy, and help protect the wonders of life on Earth.

July 8
Wilson Digital, Inc
Apple Inc.
Grades 10-12

Customer Reviews

Glenn Plumb ,

Citizen of the World

Imagine a day on our Earth wherein every person regardless of place or purpose can seek and find access to the fundamental true and reliable knowledge about how life on earth works. The biology of our planet and our personal lives. That day has finally arrived.

rbitman ,

Can Not Download

I have been trying to download this series of books for a long time now. I just get "E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth Unit 1 failed to download” and same for the others. Apparently looking at the other reviews here, this is a common problem. I’ve tried to log out, deauthorize and reauthorize, reset things, reboot, etc. Nothing works. Does Apple even care anymore?

battlemiko ,

Great book!!!

Promising textbook...really useful for students...

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