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In a new passing of the torch into a new era, the latest generation of the Holy Order of the Elite V are chosen to bear the burden of leading the line in the impending tragedy that is about to strike the Interconnected Pangeaic Islands. From the views of five different members of the Elite V, you get a take of each of their thoughts on a world they are trying to save that constantly proves to them that the world might as well burn. From the carnage and chaos are born the New Horsemen of the Apocalypse and with them holding the secret of why they, the EV, and this destruction are all necessary and what does that mean for a new world to thrive.

Constantly rising from the ashes of the fallen and rotting away, the patterns society takes to ensure itself a constant destruction is always fallen under the hands of the Gods that see them as worthy or not, usually shifting the world whenever things get played out or overly corrupt the gods often lay out great tragedy for their own sakes. Often changing with the times the Gods exist as their own entities changing for the times.

The Elite V are now the new torch bearers in deciding how the world is bound to turn out. Now the question is how will they shift the world in this dawn of a new generation: Will they rise to a new status or will they simply be a repeat of history at the hands of the Gods?

Fiction & Literature
June 19
Joseph Santos
Smashwords, Inc.