Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

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"Read it, please. Straight through to the end. Whatever else you were planning to do next, nothing could be more important." —Barbara Kingsolver

Twenty years ago, with The End of Nature, Bill McKibben offered one of the earliest warnings about global warming. Those warnings went mostly unheeded; now, he insists, we need to acknowledge that we've waited too long, and that massive change is not only unavoidable but already under way. Our old familiar globe is suddenly melting, drying, acidifying, flooding, and burning in ways that no human has ever seen. We've created, in very short order, a new planet, still recognizable but fundamentally different. We may as well call it Eaarth.

That new planet is filled with new binds and traps. A changing world costs large sums to defend—think of the money that went to repair New Orleans, or the trillions it will take to transform our energy systems. But the endless economic growth that could underwrite such largesse depends on the stable planet we've managed to damage and degrade. We can't rely on old habits any longer.

Our hope depends, McKibben argues, on scaling back—on building the kind of societies and economies that can hunker down, concentrate on essentials, and create the type of community (in the neighborhood, but also on the Internet) that will allow us to weather trouble on an unprecedented scale. Change—fundamental change—is our best hope on a planet suddenly and violently out of balance.

Science & Nature
April 13
Henry Holt and Co.

Customer Reviews

Newshound2 ,

This must be read

If those who don't "believe" in climate change have you doubting the veracity of the science, this book will quickly convince you that climate change is not only real, but it is the most pressing problem confronting the human race. Somehow, McKibben is able to marshall facts and figures in a way that's both comprehensive and easy to read.

KA-also ,

The Ethical Impact of Eaarth

It breaks my heart that I, who love this planet so have come so late to actually doing something. Sure I've changed my life style and reduced my carbon foot print (not enough), and I've been working with businesses to make some changes, but none of it has been enough.

This book has been a painful read but also a soul saver. Resilience doesn't happen if you are not clear about reality. This book helps with that. But more importantly it helps with next steps. The change is here - now what? Billy's almost poetic writing and very positive attitude makes the hard stuff easier and the next move realistic and possible.

Read this book! Read it all the way through. It offers more than hope, it offers inspiration and simple action. It stimulates an ethical impact!

TheUnstoppableJ ,

Sadly Untrue...

Although McKibben uses his language skills to try and sway you to his side he has less evidence I feel that he did nothing compared to Alex Epstein's Moral Case of Fossil Fuels. If you want an unbiased, ethical, professional, and scientific look at our "Polluted Earth" take a look at his book. After all Bill said we would all be dead by 2015...

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