Eagles and Dragons Legionary Box Set

Books 0 - I - II

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3 full-length, bestselling historical fantasy novels to throw you head-first into the mystery, passion, and brutality of the Roman Empire.

**From Bestselling Historical Fantasy Author, Adam Alexander Haviaras**

“Raw and unswerving in war and peace…”

“Graphic, uncompromising and honest…”

“In my opinion, I rank Mr. Haviaras with the greats such as Cornwell, Smith, Scarrow…”

“A cracking good read!”

At the peak of Rome's might a dragon is born among eagles, an heir to a line both blessed and cursed by the Gods for ages…

A Dragon among the Eagles (Book 0 - Prequel)

In A.D. 197, Emperor Septimius Severus led one of the largest invasion forces in Rome’s history against the Parthian Empire.

Among the men of thirty-three legions is Lucius Metellus Anguis, a young man from an ancient Equestrian family. Against the wishes of his conservative father, Lucius is determined to pursue a career in the military and resurrect the glory of his family name on the battlefield rather than the marble of the Senate.

However, as in all conflicts, Lucius’ ideals and his faith are challenged as he witnesses the worst in humanity.

As the imperial legions fight their way through Mesopotamia to the Parthian capital of Ctesiphon, Lucius discovers the inner strength that may well ensure that this young dragon rises from the ranks of Rome’s eagles.

Can a man survive the trials of war unscathed? Do the Gods indeed favour the bold?

March to war with Rome’s legions and find out!

Children of Apollo (Book I)

Children of Apollo is the tale of Lucius Metellus Anguis, a young warrior who is inspired by the deeds of his glorious ancestors and burdened by the knowledge that he must raise his family name from the ashes of the past. 

Having achieved a measure of success in the Emperor’s Legions in North Africa, Lucius is recalled to Rome where he finds himself surrounded by enemies, cast into the deadly arena of Roman politics. Amid growing fears of treachery, Lucius meets a young Athenian woman who fills his darkening world with new-found hope. Their love grows, as does their belief that the Gods have planned their meeting, but when an ancient oracle of Apollo utters a terrifying prophecy regarding his future, Lucius’ world is once more thrown into chaos. Ultimately, he must choose sides in a war that threatens to destroy his family, his faith and all that he has worked for.

Killing the Hydra (Book II)

In Killing the Hydra, Lucius Metellus Anguis returns to North Africa, determined to investigate the death of his centurion and root out the treason that has infiltrated the ranks of his cohort. With his wife, Adara, safe in Athens, Lucius finds himself alone on a dangerous road back to the legionary base at Lambaesis. Praetorian spies and other unknown enemies are hunting him, and it is only with help from the Empress, a Punic prostitute, and an ancient group of warriors that Lucius is able to survive. 

But the Sibyl’s prophecy haunts Lucius’s dreams, and he clings desperately to the hope that he is making the right decisions for his men, for himself, and for his family. 

As his world is ravaged by pain on all fronts, Lucius Metellus Anguis must decide whether or not to make his move against the enemies that have plagued his family for far too long, including the most powerful man in the Roman Empire. 

How far will the Dragon go to protect his family and avenge the spirits of the dead? 

Only the Gods know…

This is the first box set of Adam Alexander Haviaras’ ground-breaking Eagles and Dragons historical fantasy series.

If you like books by Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and David Gemmell, or movies like Gladiator and Pompeii, then you will love this historical series that combines adventure, romance, and the supernatural. 

Download this special Legionary Box Set now to set off on a thrilling adventure in the Roman Empire!

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Here is what readers have to say about Eagles and Dragons:

“One in a series of tales which would rank them alongside Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Robert Ludlum, James Boschert and others of their ilk. The story and character development and the pacing of the exciting military actions frankly are superb and edge of your seat! The historical environment and settings have been well researched to make the story lines so very believable!! I can hardly wait for what I hope will be many sequels! If you enjoy Roman historical fiction, you do not want to miss this series!”

“A huge fan of Roman History and Fiction, so I enjoyed this book despite never hearing of the author. I found the book to be in the same vein as Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane, Anthony Riches. Am looking forward to reading the next instalment. Adam takes you into the world of the Emperor's mind through the eyes of the soldiers in his legions. Thoroughly enjoyed the read in fact I couldn't put the kindle down. Well done.”

“New author to me but ranks alongside Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow. The attention to detail and all the gory details are inspiring and the author doesn't invite you into the book he drags you by the nasal hairs into the world of Roman life, sweat, tears, blood, guts and sheer heroism. Well worth a nights reading because once started it’s hard to put down.”

“Loved this book'! I'm an avid fan of Ancient Rome and this story is, perhaps, one of the best I've ever read.”

“A great read from this author, I have read all of Harry Sidebottom's books and nearly all of Ben Kane's and he is up there with them both.”

“Wow - what a book. Well researched, well written and a cracking ripping yarn! Lots of blood and guts, but this shows the REAL Roman way and also describes the reality of war and slaughter. Buy it and enjoy. I did and I am a woman - not a swashbuckling -story type bloke! Oh and there's Ancient Gods as well thrown into the mix.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 8
Eagles and Dragons Publishing
Adam Haviaras

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