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When a colleague challenges Tobias to unveil the hidden history of the American Revolution, he recreates the story from an antique necklace. Holding the necklace in his hand as if taking the pulse of one of his patients, he gleans a description of the final owner. Tobias, a naturopathic physician, agrees that the final owner fired the fateful shot at Lexington-Concord, which echoes timelessly in a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The necklace resonates with the sound heard 'round the world, because it marked the beginning of the American Revolution.

Looking into the sunstone center of the necklace, Tobias and his colleagues determine that the necklace belonged to a woman, who inherited it from an older brother. The amulet had been passed through five generations of men before it became hers. Hindu inscriptions on the bronze-like amulet suggest that the owners were special knights, guarding the most special trade route on the planet, the Silk Road.

Tobias names the final owner, Susan. He wants to know her scheme in the revolution and why her shot proved the most significant of all previous confrontations on the continent. In his investigation, Tobias learns how Susan legitimized the American Revolution and why she fired the shot that resulted in the end of her life.

The story of the shot at the Battle of Lexington-Concord begins with a 1769 time wrinkle in India and cuts across the dimensions of life and death into the realm of spirit. The story describes the intergalactic wars and the fight to save the spirit of the planet, hidden by Bilbo and a Blue fairy in the MidEarth. Eagle's Flight in the American Revolution portrays the actions that became the Spirit of 1776.

Fiction & Literature
June 2
Kim Kacoroski
Draft2Digital, LLC

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