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Alistair Johnstone’s days of running whisky come to an abrupt halt when he inherits an earldom. After years of living in Scotland and denying his English heritage, he now must return despite his mother’s bitter contempt and his own lack of desire. When his mother’s attempt to run whisky goes awry, Alistair is forced to step in and save her by doing one last whisky run – however, if he’s caught, he will face a traitor’s death. 


 Emma Thorne’s uncle is trying to kill her and so far has failed, thank goodness. But with only one month until she reaches her majority, inherits her fortune and is released from his guardianship, she knows she is not safe. Emma escapes to a nearby estate where she stumbles upon a house party being held by the Wicked Earls’ Club and finds herself at the mercy of the most extraordinary earl. One who could save her or see her condemned.


When innocent lies become reality and danger follows them every step of the way, could love be the answer to both their problems, or will their passions be their undoing?

Fiction & Literature
March 6
Madeline Martin
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sissymae68 ,

Loved it.

Earl of Benton by Madeline Martin is Book Nine in the "Wicked Earls Club" series. This is the story of Alistair Johnstone and Emma Thorne. This is easily a standalone book.
Emma is left with her Uncle as her guardian after her her parents have past away. Emma's Uncle has been trying to get her to marry his son but she is not going along with that plan. Now with just a month away from turning 25 and taking over her inheritance, her Uncle has turned to trying to kill her. When her Maid Jenny is found dead the her trusted employees/help put together money for her to go on the run until the month is out. But her Uncle is hot on her heels trying to catch her. Emma runs to a neighboring house where she hides in the stable only to be found by Alistair's dog. There Alistair covers for her and she convinces him to take her to Scotland with him.
Alistair is half Scottish and half English. Alistair's mother is Scottish and hates the English and was very upset with Alistair took over the Title that his grandfather once had. Alistair's English grandfather tore his mother and father apart and threaten to take Alistair from her. Alistair tried not to except the English title but was unable to turn it down. Hoping to use the Title and money to fix up Lochslin Castle since he has no choice but to take it. Alistair's Scottish grandfather was into Whisky Smuggling and his mom continued to do so after he took the title. Now his mother is in need of help and Alistair goes to do so...even if he could be charged with treason.
Now Alistair is headed home to Scotland with Emma trying to protect her too.
This was such a great story! Loved the characters and just could not put the book down!

Suz Clark ,


I was gifted a copy of this book. Emma Thorne’s life is in danger. Her uncle craves her vast copper fortune and will go to great lengths to obtain it. When Emma’s maid is murdered, she flees from her estate only to find herself at the mercy of the Alistair Johnstone, Earl of Benton. Would he be willing to save a woman whose clothes are mysteriously stained with blood? Will helping her expose his dangerous and secret life?
“He caught her, locking her against him and keeping her upright. His arms and chest were impossibly solid and there was a pleasant smoky scent about him. He was staring down at her, his face a mere inch or two from hers. His eyes had appeared dark from afar. Up close, they were a captivating deep blue, like the sky on the tail end of dusk before the star-flecked blackness swept in.”
I am a huge Martin fan. I have read every book she has written and am always longing for more. This story did not disappoint. I found it romantic and hilariously funny at points. Highly recommend.

lfdykes ,

A Wonderful Adventure

A fast paced adventure from beginning to end, I loved the story of Emma and Alistair. Literally running for her life, Emma is trying to escape her guardian uncle who is trying to kill her. Kill her you say? Well, she is about to inherit a fortune when she comes of age which is just in a few weeks and of course he wants it himself! Fleeing to a nearby estate, she runs into Alistair Johnstone, the Earl of Benton who is at a house party with members of the Wicked Earls club. Desperate to get away he takes her with him to his home in Scotland. Well what an adventure they have with a lot of twist and turns and with evolving feelings between the two. Emma and Alistair each have their own issues and it is wonderful to see how each is resolved. In her usual fashion, Madeline Martin draws the reader in with her wonderful characters and excellent descriptions. Loved this story and guarantee you will too!!

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