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Love comes to those who need it most.
What will happen when an earl determined never to love meets the only woman who can tear down his defenses?

Lady Nicola Emory adored her brother's best friend, John Randall, Earl of Bainbridge, from the moment she met him. But the handsome earl, a mysterious and tormented agent of the Crown, never gave her any notice until the eve of her betrothal to another man. How was she to know that her intended betrothed was plotting to overthrow the Crown? When Nicola stumbles upon the proof of his treason, she's suddenly on the run for her life and John is the only one who can protect her. But in saving her life, will he put his heart at risk?

John Randall long ago decided never to allow anyone into his heart. Protecting the royal family and defeating England's enemies are all he needs in his life. That suddenly changes when he's forced to go on the run with Nicola Emory, the one girl with the power to steal his heart. With every hour they spend together, he finds his solid wall of protection collapsing. He's faced death many times before and doesn't fear it. But admitting his love for Nicola will force him to confront the demons haunting him since childhood. Will digging up those dangerous memories free his heart? Or close it to love forever?

January 1
Meara Platt
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Seaimp ,

The Farthingales

I’ve read all the books involving the Farthingales Rose, Laurel, Daisy, Lily and Dillie. I just finished reading Nicola’s story “The Earl of Hearts” and really loved it. I thought that they were all great and I especially liked Lily’s story because it also had some great scenes that were very humorous. I haven’t been able to find the book “If You Loved Me” anywhere either on Apple’s Ibooks or on BookBub which kind of upsets me because I’d love to read it as I’m totally hooked on the Farthingales series.

lfdykes ,

A wonderful story not to be missed!

First, can I say, I truly loved everything about this delightful story from page 1? Sorry, I had to get that out of the way! Meara Platt does it again with her compelling characters that come off the page and the sparkling dialogue and humorous thoughts and banter. History comes alive in her beautiful prose describing the Highlands and surroundings. Yes, I longed to be there!
John was on a mission for the crown to break up a ring of rebels who were smuggling goods. When sitting in a local tavern, who should come to the door? "Bullocks, what's she doing here?" It was none other than Nicola, his best friend's sister, who he had know for a very long time and had not been able to get her out of his mind, much less his heart.
Nicola was so feisty and not afraid of anything, except the man she was betrothed to, Somersby, who she had found in a compromising position before their wedding. Then the action takes off with some critical evidence found against Somersby and John takes her on a journey to keep her safe.
Did I mention that Nicola was secretly in love with John too? Be prepared to not be able to put this book down once you have started because it is so entertaining. Did I mention I adored this story? Well once more can't hurt. I can only stress to read it and you will find out. Although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone, but why would you want to do that? Trust me, you will want to read them all!!

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