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’Tis the season to be wicked…

When a woman desperate for a job saves the life of an earl…

… both of their plans for the future are thwarted.

He’s eccentric and society-shy…

There’s no polite way to describe Ansley, Earl of Scarborough’s obsession with schedules and inflexible routines. Unfortunately, he’s also in need of a wife, which forces him squarely in the midst of the society he can scarcely function within. If only he dared to ignore the haut ton’s censure and claim the lovely, wholly unsuitable Willow as his own.

She seeks a governess post…

Up from the country, Willow Harwood must quickly secure a governess position and save enough money to return to America. Only, her plans are foiled when she rushes to the rescue of a devastatingly handsome earl in the process of being robbed. Though he’s far above her station, she can’t fight the irrepressible attraction she feels toward him.

Neither is prepared for the upheaval to their lives when she reluctantly accepts his offer of employment…as his housekeeper. Nor can either predict the mayhem that follows when a lord who disdains society and a country miss with no experience plan a haut ton Christmastide gathering.


This charming Regency holiday historical by a USA Today bestselling author will make you smile, laugh, and sigh with contentment as you witness the sweet and tender love growing between Ansley and Willow.

If you enjoy reading entertaining Christmas, class difference, strong heroine, and lovable rogue stories with a dash of romantic humor and heartwarming emotion, then you’ll adore Collette Cameron’s enthralling WICKED EARLS’ CLUB SERIES. Buy EARL OF SCARBOROUGH and settle into your favorite reading nook for a page-turning escape into a Regency world adventure you can’t put down.

Though part of a series, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.


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November 26
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Blue Rose Romance LLC

Customer Reviews

msliznbell ,

Fun Read

I loved these characters! I also love seeing real people in the aristocracy. I enjoyed seeing the Earl deal with his “condition”. Having been an educator for 37 years and caring about individuals with special needs, this story automatically gripped my heart. We always know how the final end will be, always the girl gets the guy. But some how, this felt so much more real. I really enjoyed reading this book!

Peg1951 ,

Heartwarming and Funny

As Ansley Twistleton, Earl of Scarborough, is walking along thinking about his current state of boredom and how to cure it, he is set upon by a large and burly thug. He is quite able to defend himself and does. Then thug number two shows up to join his buddy. This seems an unfair fight to Miss Willow Harwood who was walking nearby, so she decides to help. She deters this villain by whacking him over the head with her umbrella. Once the fight is over, they introduce themselves and Ansley walks Willow to her boarding house. Ansley is impressed, curious, and drawn to this daring young woman. Willows feels much the same about him. Where will this story go from here?

Ansley is honorable, intelligent, and a member of the Wicked Earls Club. He is described as eccentric (a little OCD here). He must have things organized and kept in his order, and schedules must be strictly adhered to. Deviation from this plan causes him mild panic and a tic next to his eye. Willow is intelligent, well educated, thoughtful, and caring. She wants to be a teacher or governess, but, horrors of horrors, she is American (she talks funny). When she is around Ansley, she has a calming effect on him.

This is a quick read, a lively and engaging story with a wonderful hero and heroine, a little odd in their own way, but absolutely loveable. There are some nasty gossips, a love-struck butler, and a loving, very smart mama. I thoroughly enjoyed Collette Cameron’s interesting addition to the Wicked Earls Club series.

Suz Clark ,


The Earl of Scarborough is book 21 in The Wicked Earl’s Club series. This is Cameron’s second contribution to the group (her first being The Earl of Wainthorp) and she does a marvelous job. In fact, this is Cameron at her best. I adored this story and felt especially drawn to the hero - the Earl of Scarborough, Ansley Twistleton. I think I’m in love. He reminds me of that lovable detective Monk with all his eccentricities. Cameron takes a flawed and at times vulnerable character and handles him with a sensitive touch. His tic is adorable, and so is his “pet” rock. I love that he is so strong and capable of fighting off the bad guys and yet so vulnerable that he needs the touch of the rock in his pocket to calm him. Just a wonderful character. I especially loved how his household does everything they can to ensure that his life goes on without a hitch out of sheer love for the Earl. I liked the heroine Willow Harwood, but Ansley stole the show. “You’re like oxygen to me, Willow. I can scarcely breathe without you.’ Then he was kissing her, wrapping one sinewy arm around her back and cradling her head with the other as he laid her against his shoulder. This wasn’t the tender whisper across her lips she’d experienced in his study. This was a ravenous man. His kisses wicked and wanton.” Bravo Ms. Cameron! I think this goes on my shelf as one of my very favorite books - certainly one that I will read over and over again. I was given a copy of this book.

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