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For some people, success seems fated or shrouded in mystery. But in Earning Serendipity, Glenn Llopis shows that most positive changes in fortune--in careers or in corporate ventures--are no mystery at all.

We all have control over the path to prosperity. Progression along that path is the result of a rare combination of skills that readers can develop and apply in their careers, businesses, and lives. These four skills are

    -Seeing with circular vision: Broaden your observation beyond what you seek and beyond the obvious details before you.

    -Sowing entrepreneurial seeds: When good vision is met with consistent, hand-dirtying execution every day the result is a stable, growing fortune.

    -Growing seeds with the greatest potential: Learn how to recognize the most promising opportunities and give them the right amount of attention.

    -Sharing the harvest: Focus on meeting others' needs to improve personal good fortune.

Those who master this quartet tap into a power most never reach: the power to create and sustain a momentum of good fortune. This ability to earn serendipity can elevate a career or company quicker than any single force. And with the skills outlined in this book, readers will be catapulted onto the path of prosperity. 


Glenn Llopis, founder/chairman of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, combines a UCLA education with fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company and Sunkist, where, at 26, he became the youngest senior manager in the company's 100-plus-year history. His early successes opened the door for his next endeavor: vice president of the $1 billion Norway Seafood Co. at only 30 years old. In the decade since, Llopis has parlayed his unique Cuban upbringing and traditional corporate experience into nontraditional ventures that have been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune, and the Financial Times, and on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Yahoo! News. Llopis currently resides in Irvine, CA.

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