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Earth's greatest heroes have defeated grave threats from Apokolips, but not at a grave price. Left in their stead is a group of young, untrained hereoes who pick up the pieces in the dusty aftermath. The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and the Atom are humanity's nascent guardians, but not the ones we've all known and revered. These are different heroes, in a strange and foreign world with dangerous new villains. This is Earth 2. 

Award-winning writer James Robinson (STARMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE) joins forces with artist Nicola Scott (SUPERMAN, TEEN TITANS) to remiagine the classic Justice Society of America for DC COMICS--THE NEW 52 universe--and sometimes in controversial, unconventional fashion. Don't miss one of the most talked about graphic novels in recent memory!

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March 19
DC Comics
DC Comics.

Customer Reviews

nicholas1849 ,

Great, if you like Earth X or Red Son check this out

I am really enjoying this and planning to check out Future's End next.

Milty16 ,

Earth 2 of the New 52

I had been wanting to read this book since its debut but I decided to wait until the first arc was collected and I'm grateful I did. The book is a fantastic story that introduces us to the brand new Earth 2 and its development. For many DC lovers, this book will bring you up to speed on what's going on in this new Earth without making things confusing from DC's prime earth. Although its not a blockbuster power house like Justice League's origin, this book sure is filled with a great plot and very fun introductions.

I highly recommend this book for anyone just starting to develop a taste for comics.

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