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Earth Reborn is a tale of possibilities and probabilities; fact and fantasy; strength and weakness; hope and redemption. It is a tale for everyone.

Two advanced souls are sent to Earth by the elders of the Golden Realm on a challenging and momentous mission: to create peace. Under the influence of the dark forces, violence is escalating on the planet, the oceans are awash in poison, disease is rampant, and humans fill their lives with useless toys in a futile search for fulfillment. All previous attempts to direct mankind in the ways of universe justice and truth have failed as humans refuse to learn from their mistakes. But the Master has determined that this time will be different.

Exton, the male energy, is bright, energetic and restless. Wyvern, the female energy, is cool and mysterious, with an exquisite magnetism that creates an unbreakable bond of love between the two highly evolved souls. Their mission is to travel to Earth and find the missing bronze, silver and gold keys and unlock the forces that will save the planet from destruction.

But not only do they have to find the keys; they must also find each other. The two soul twins are ‘born’ continents apart – Wyvern in outback Australia and Exton in Manhattan with no knowledge of the other’s existence and no memory of where they have come from.

All they have is an imprint on their consciousness of the task ahead and a deep, inner knowledge and certainty of the other’s existence somewhere in the universe. During the tumultuous years of their lives on Earth, a dark plot is conceived by the Grey Ones to control the planet under the guise of a new world order. A mission is undertaken to discover and colonise another planet that will give mankind the chance of redemption.

The search begins for the two humans who will be chosen to inhabit the new planet and light the way for a new destiny for the human race.

Young Adult
December 7
Michael Morel
Smashwords, Inc.

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