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Dragon and his pilot, Wabbit, discover new lands as they fly between the forgotten dimension, the uncharted dimension and sometimes even Earth. They encounter sticky situations which divert them from their quest: to find Dragon's clan.

Dragon is beautiful having translucent wings, lizardy scales and a great sweeping tail that other people have fun sliding down on. He is wise, worldly and kind. Once upon a time, further back in time than he can remember clearly, Dragon was a boy. He doesn't mind at all being a dragon, but he would quite like to find out if he has any relatives - if only he could remember what they looked like.

Wabbit is a vivacious girl who quite rightly thinks Dragon is intelligent and serious. At times she is happy enough to take her piloting responsibilities not too seriously and sit back on her luscious carpet saddle, flying through the dimensions wherever Dragon may take her. Wabbit used to be a rabbit and does have a rather cute nose and ears slightly too big for her head, but her long golden hair covers them enough so that she doesn't have to wear a hat.

This is book two in the series. Dragon and Wabbit are searching the dimensions for Dragon's clan. The book contains three adventures that will appeal not only to children but also to young adults with a sense of humour and to adults that read to children. Do you remember the days of radio stories where you let your imagination fly away with the story? As Wabbit says, "Up, up and away..."

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 26
Lily Ennis
Smashwords, Inc.

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