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"You're afraid Frank, you're afraid that God might ask too much... God don't ever ask too much, just what you kin handle, Frank," Jeremiah stated calmly. "God didn't say you have to change, or tell you that you have to give up anything either, if that's what you're thinking. If a change comes to you, it comes to you because you wanted it. God just helps you to see what you want. What you really want, inside."
"Okay," Frank said, raising his head from his hands, "okay, Jeremiah, I believe in God... It was a hard decision, maybe I'm thick headed, can't believe what I don't see sometimes, but... I'm out of explanations, and the only one that seems to fit is God. I don't know why in hell he would want me, but I'm his if he does," Frank finished, as he once again buried his face in his hands. He peeked up briefly. "Aspirin, Jimmy, got any aspirin, Tylenol, anything?"
"Hang on," Jimmy said, as he rummaged through a desk drawer. "Here," He handed Frank three tablets along with a cup of coffee to swallow them with.
Frank swallowed the tablets before he spoke again. "So what now?"
"We have to stop him, that's for sure," Gary said, "we can't just let him do it."
"Do you know exactly where them missiles are, Frank?" Jeremiah asked.
"No, not exactly, I know I could find them, but I haven't seen them." He spent the next few minutes telling them how he had found out about the missiles. "...Peter's, I mean Black, said they're not actually in the facility. They're a good ten miles away, in Fort Drum," Frank continued, "on the old Jeffery's farm he called it..."
"I know where that is. I know exactly where that is, Frank," Gary said suddenly "When you told me, I thought you meant they were in the facility itself, not there. But what the hell are they doing there, Jefferey's wouldn't go for that at all, I know it, I went to..."
"He would and did, Gary," Frank cut in, "Jeffery's was in on it. He was CIA, Gary, he knew."
"Jumped up Jesus," Gary said. Jeremiah shot him a grim look. "Sorry Jeremiah, I mean God, but Jeffery's? I went to school with him... I guess... Well, okay. Okay then if you say so, Frank, I believe you, but where? It's a farm, Frank, where the hell..." Gary's eyes suddenly flew open and Frank nodded. "The silos, Frank? The silos?"
"Yeah. I'm afraid so, Gary, school chum or not he did it, and they're there. No doubt about it, two of them hidden in the silos."
"Okay, okay," Gary said, "but what can we do about it..."
"Go back," Jeremiah said calmly, "we have to go back." He pointed at Gary. "You, me, Frank and Jimmy. We have to go to Fort Drum and disarm them somehow, Gary."

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June 25
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