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Do you fumble when someone mentions Zambia. Or even have trouble placing Egypt or Sudan on the World Map. Worry no longer. Here is a system that will place in your mind all the countries of Africa through an easy mnemonic based system. Know the Region of the World. Know the Countries. Know the mnemonic sentence. And you are the master of all you survey. This is a unique way to draw the World Map. Simple straight lines are drawn to separate the countries. Then a few countries are taken at a time and a Mnemonic sentence built around it. This mnemonic, a memory aid makes you remember the countries exactly in the correct sequence. In this way the entire continent of Africa has been covered in this ebook. We have done the entire World Map with this method. To give an example the mnemonic phrase "Not So Fast" makes you remember the sequence of countries: Norway,Sweden, Finland in that order. These are the northern-most countries of Europe. The lines chosen for separating the countries have been done carefully to maintain a verisimilitude with the actual shape of the countries in the World Map as far as possible. The Region-wise segregation of the countries ensure that familiarity is built up region by region enhancing interest in the reader of geopolitical realities. The ebook has been narrated in a free-flowing manner without any flab and has 26 maps to elucidate the countries of Asia. Quick off the block it will take you through the political geography of Europe and up to speed in a jiffy. The ebook is immensely helpful for children, Geography Bee aspirants, academics, globetrotters, pilots, students appearing for Civil Services examinations, history and geography students and teachers and anyone who try to be abreast with international news.

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May 3
Siddhartha Sinha
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Costfam4 ,

Easy way to draw world!!!

We enjoyed adding this to our geography curriculum to enhance drawing the whole world by memory. Thanks for the time and effort dedicated to creating a great resource. Used by boys ages 9-14...

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