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Some say I can be ruthless. Nyla Kincaid is about to find out. I allowed her to get too close and in the end, she burned me.

To keep the secrets of the Elite, I seduced her. 

The distraction worked, but like a moth to a flame, I singed my wings.

She will pay for my mistake. And I will never repeat it. 

Meting out my revenge will be so sweet. And this time, I will not take care with her heart.

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Customer Reviews

JeanMarie5 ,

Soooo good!

OMG! I don't even know where to begin with this book and then that ending! AAGH!
I love Nana Malone's writing and this series has been amazing. This is the second book in the Hear No Evil Trilogy (and yes, you do need to read the first book to enjoy this one).

This picks up where book one leaves off. East believes that he can't trust Nyla (Interpol agent). He bans her from all things relating to him even when she tries to help him. Luckily she has access to his friends. This book has everything and will take you on a wonderful rollercoaster ride in the process. There's drama (and not just between Nyla and East). Nyla even has it out with her best friend, Amelia.

East and Nyla are pushed together by Theroux (the guy that Nyla wants to capture and East needs to watch). You can only imagine what happens when they get pushed together. Nothing is ever easy and nothing is as it seems. (on a side note, I don't trust Drew). Interpol and others are intertwined and bullets are flying! Of course, in the end, all they need to do is follow the plan but that's easier said than done. I never saw that ending coming and I can't wait for book 3.
A great read!

MamaBird07 ,

The only way is East

Nana Malone kills me!!! Warning alert...cliffhanger!! This second book in East Hale’s story of the London Lords is once again everything I’ve come to love from Nana’s books. There’s adventure, twists, the unexpected and all the steamy, satisfying love scenes that even your husband will want to keep buying you books just to get the same reaction! In this second book, we see East burn Nyla and the ensuing adventure that inevitably will push them to decide what their future looks like. I love that both these characters are so strong in their own right and Nana does a great job at the back and forth with them and the development of their characters as well as their relationship. If haven’t read this series, start now! If you haven’t read Nana Malone, start now!! I’m telling you, it’s worth it!!

broken_heart ,

I love heading East!!!!

East Bound starts off at a fast pace. East Hale is out for blood, and his target is someone he can’t get out of his blood: Agent Nyla Kincade! Of the books in the London Lord series, these books are my favorite so far. East is wild and Nyla is no damsel in distress. While Nana Malone is know for creating strong female characters, Nyla is on par with Penny in just how strong and capable at protecting herself. This skill comes in handy throughout the book. The only downside I found was that I feel like too many people in this book had to explain just how strong Nyla is. She is an Interpol agent... Nyla obviously has to be strong to get to where she is. However, I feel that this isn’t too far from reality since oftentimes women are still seen as weaker, but I am hoping that in the final installment of this book series, there will be bigger topics to tackle. I have a feeling that with the explosion ending of East Bound, I will get my wish! I can’t wait to see how this ends! I also love the set up for Bridge’s story and how that is going to play out!!! I am so excited!

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