Easy Kisses

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From New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a series set in the intriguing New Orleans, Louisiana. A powerful family, the Boudreaux siblings are successful and ready to find love!

Simon Danbury, an internationally sought-after motivational speaker, helps women from all walks of life with love, self-esteem, dating and career building skills. Handsome, witty and wealthy, Simon seemingly has everything a man could want. But appearances can be deceiving. While Simon may have the answers for millions of women all over the world, when it comes to his own love life, he’s a giant, sexy mess. Divorced, and convinced that he’ll never love again, the very last thing he expects is one Charly Boudreaux. 

Charly doesn’t want to be at this seminar in the middle of nowhere, but her sister made her go. She’s the one who has her life together. Great career, amazing family, nice home, and loyal friends. So what if she doesn’t have a man? She doesn’t need one. If she’s learned anything in her almost thirty years, it’s that men are more trouble than they’re worth. And they have a nasty habit of breaking your heart into a million tiny pieces. So, she’ll sit through all of Simon’s touchy-feely crap and go home and get on with her life. 

Except Simon isn’t really spouting crap, and when he smiles at her, the butterflies are ridiculous. Never mixing business with pleasure, Simon finds Charly to be a bright spot in a universe that’s been dark for too long. But will he be able to resist her? And why would he want to?

June 21
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

Oohlala25 ,

My favorite in the series so far

The connection between Simon and Charly leaps off the page. Loved all the angst and his attempt to keep things professional. Really loved that Simon's British I could hear the accent and the bad boy half sleeve of tattoos yummy! Great steamy scenes. Loved Simon's story line of an emotionally abusive ex wife very unique and real. I also liked that he was still struggling with what the marriage did to him and everything wasn't neat and tidy once he met Charly or just because he was a relationship therapist. Loved Charly's shop Head Over Heels such a cool name. Still story like the others had a cool vibe and ease to it but not a dull moment!

Laurie_Oh_TLG ,


I am so excited to share the 4th book in Kristen Proby’s Boudreaux series, Easy Kisses. It is a sweet and sexy romance with all the elements you love in Kristen’s books – an amazing story with a powerful heroine, a man that can go toe to toe with her, family, beverages and shoes.

From it’s gorgeous cover the very last page, Easy Kisses had me under it’s wonderful spell. This is a book that I got lost in – I picked it up and didn’t stop reading until I was finished. Then? I re-read the last chapters again. I loved the romance, the pure sexual heat and banter between Charley and Simon. It flowed perfectly, to where it was so easy to fall into their world and immerse myself in this story.

Charley, or Charlotte Boudreaux is fierce. I loved her strength, loyalty and most of all – her need to be independent. While she knows her mind, she has been too busy building her business to truly focus on herself – the internal parts that are easy to ignore. Attending Simon Danbury’s seminar allowed her to do just that. Not only did Charley re-learn the art of breathing, but she also took the time to appreciate the beauty of the world around her (both really good reminders for us all) and in the process got to see her world with a new set of eyes.

From Luke Williams to Adam Spencer, I have adored each and every one of Kristen’s heroes – seriously, they are commanding, demanding and every last ounce alpha. But let me just tell you that Simon Danbury is all that — AND HE’S BRITISH! Which is my book catnip. , I literallyhad his voice in my head as I read Easy Kisses and may even have purred a few times (or more). But I digress. Even more than that, I loved Simon’s heart; not just in way that he cared about Charlotte, but why he began his business – it was more than his job, it was his mission to help others and it made this man all the more beautiful.

With each book in in this series, I not only fall harder for each of her characters, but the city of New Orleans. I think Kristen has done an amazing job of capturing the heart of this city, both its beauty and imperfections. It lends a such a fabulous edge to the books that let you feel as if you are right there, experiencing the sights and the sounds of the city with these characters as your guides.

But what really brought this book home for me? The love and affection that the Boudreaux family has for each other – they had each others back, literally and figuratively. I love the protectiveness of not only Charley’s brothers, but also that of her sisters. The depth of this connection had me blinking back more than a few tears.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the Boudreaux series, please grab it up and let yourself fall in love with each story and each one of these characters. As with all of Kristen Proby’s books, they will be among your favorites for years to come.


Christy74441 ,

So good!

I freaking love this series! In this book we get Charly's story! She gets forced to go on this Retreat where she meets The Sexy Simon Danbury the motivational speaker. They have great chemistry and totally make you laugh out loud. This books has everything! It's sweet,sexy and funny plus makes you grab for the tissue! You also get to catch up with the rest of the Boudreaux family which I totally love. I so can't wait to see what Kristen Proby has in store for Beau!

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