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Easy Towne, a newly released convict finds himself taking on a new caper using his special safe cracking skills. He is working for a man he doesn't know, with a woman he doesn't trust, stealing from the biggest arms dealer in North America. The Department of Homeland Security is involved in some way, making for a truly interesting few weeks for Easy. This is not the fresh start he wanted.

Easy is a safe cracker from the old school. He uses skill and abnormally sensitive fingers rather than brute force to open what is locked safely away. On his release from prison, Easy wants nothing more than to disappear, but is almost immediately given an offer of a new caper too good to refuse. Despite his better judgement, Easy takes the job.

The man that set up the job, Varga, sends his employee, Lana to help Easy and to make sure he finishes the job. Lana is an accomplished killer as well as exceptionally beautiful. Easy becomes increasingly attracted to Lana and at the same time begins to question her motives more and more.

The target of this little caper, Stoltz, is the largest arms dealer in North America. He owns his own little inland island, a virtual fortress where the vault that Easy must open is located. Stoltz has a reputation as being viscious and brutal, none of his business associates have been known to have lived past their involvement with Stoltz.

Stoltz and Varga are both somehow involved with the Department of Homeland Security, and the government decides to make the government's interest made known to Easy. The job becomes more than Easy bargained for.

This is the first in the series of Easy Towne stories.

Fiction & Literature
December 24
R. Andrew Booth
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