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#1 International Bestseller reveals a revolutionary approach to losing weight and burning fat without giving up any of the foods you like. 

Continue eating what you like to eat in the amount that satisfies you; it's what you add into your diet - rather than what you subtract out of it - that makes all the difference to your weight and overall appearance. 

Everyone knows that weight-loss requires burning more calories than you take in. This can be accomplished the hard way: you could restrict your food intake one way or another and work out harder to burn extra calories and stored fat. Or, you can choose to lose weight the easy way: by eating certain foods and spices - alongside your regular meals and snacks - that are scientifically-proven to boost your metabolism, curb hunger and burn off excess fat. 

Why make life more difficult by focusing on what not to eat? 

EAT HOT...LOOK HOT provides an easier and more effective way to burn fat and maintain your ideal weight. 

"EAT HOT...LOOK HOT has the power to alter the gold-standard for dieting and permanently transform lives, both physically and psychologically" (Brad K. Cohen, MD, American College of Surgeons). 

Former journalist and International Bestselling Author Alessandra Solis has pored through groundbreaking studies for the next revolution in healthy eating. And now she's here to share those findings and ingredients with you! 

In EAT HOT...LOOK HOT, you'll discover:

* A step-by-step plan for taking back your body and regaining your self-confidence 

* How to convert stubborn white fat to brown fat for easier oxidation and accelerated weight-loss 

* Which combinations of food help you supercharge your metabolism and keep weight off for good 

* Delicious recipes to incorporate fat burning ingredients into your eating routine 

* Bonus materials and guides to help you make the most of the program, and much, much more!

“The #1 reason most people diet is ‘To Look Hot’ - admit it.”* -Wayne Kelly, Host and Entertainment Personality, EZ Rock Canada *

A miraculous discovery is about to change the world . . . A breakthrough revelation is about to hit the world by storm! Through the ingenious research of Alessandra Solis, she has discovered a proven method of weight loss. What makes her theory so wonderful is that it is something that we can find in our normal grocery store. This book takes you through how Alessandra discovered this miracle discovery and how she used it to lose unwanted pounds for her own health benefit. The method is simple to understand and the powerful ingredients are very inexpensive. This book will allow you to get rid of those expensive diets and gym memberships. There is basically nothing you need to change your eating habits except incorporating the key ingredient that will jumpstart your metabolism. EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™ BURN MORE FAT AND BOOST YOUR METABOLISM AT ANY AGE! is a book that can help solve anyone’s weight loss problem. It provides all the insight what a person needs to do to see the most results. No matter what your age or weight issue this book can produce effective results. Alessandra Solis is an exceptional author whose book can help a large and diverse population. The research she has conducted and the results she has experienced with this method have convinced me that this book will work for anyone. I feel this book is one of the beneficial forms of weight loss advice that I have discovered in a very long time. I feel it will quickly become a literary sensation!

-Midwest Book Reviews

"This diet will save A LOT of women from liposuction!"

-Dr. Michael Saultzhauer (AKA, ‘Dr. Miami’)

"The idea of transforming your body fat with spices is an attractive one indeed."

-Readers’ Favorite

November 17
Terra Firma Press USA, Inc.
Terra Firma Press USA, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Aspca lover! ,

Losing weight has never been easier!

This diet can be added to other diets to get faster weight loss. It’s really easy to do, you are basically just adding one out of fifteen thermogenic foods at certain temperatures and certain combinations, and avoiding only two main foods with it for 30 minutes! Not bad considering all the other restrictions called for other diets, and fast results! I would recommend trying this before trying another diet! Great experience.

TheMommyPages ,

A Simple, yet Effective Way to Lose Weight with Little Effort

This diet will soon be replacing all the others, once word gets out... Best diet ever! Amazing results!!

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