Book 4 - The NightShade Forensic Files

Echo and Ember

A Paranormal Murder Mystery

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Publisher Description

“This is a five-star series. Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next one, please!!”
FBI Agents Donovan and Eleri left their last case with a sense of unease.

Unable to close the investigation, they’ve been thrown into their next assignment far too fast. A string of strange arson-based murders are just part of the trouble. Not only is former agent Wade de Gottardi on their team for this one, so are two other NightShade agents: Dana Brantley and Christina Pines. The problem is, Eleri is no longer the senior agent, Dana is.

Maybe their boss no longer trusts them, or maybe it’s simply because four people have already died. Either way, Donovan and Eleri are no longer in control of the case as they hunt a serial killer who’s getting bolder with each success.

While Eleri and Donovan are just getting their special skills in hand, Dana and Christina are more at ease with theirs. While Dana’s talents prove useful, Christina’s are frightening . . . and suspicious.

As old cases rear their ugly heads, Eleri and Donovan get drawn into the mysteries of their fellow NightShade agents. Will their new team implode from distrust before they crack the case?

Their unique talents may not be enough to save them from a seemingly unstoppable killer.

Echo & Ember is the fourth book in the NightShade Forensic FBI Files series by USA Today bestselling author A.J. Scudiere. This book can be read as a standalone, but readers who love paranormal investigations and FBI thrillers will want to read the entire series!

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October 24
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Customer Reviews

csdenn1010 ,

Another great pace

Not just a bunch of dead ends, plenty of twists but all linked together well.

Demeter1973 ,

Plot Twists A Plenty!

Donovan and Eleri are still reeling from their last case, which remains unsolved to their satisfaction, but there's no rest for these elite agents of a very special, secretive, covert branch of the FBI. Their latest case is just as grueling, and they won't be facing it alone. Two new agents join the team, and these strangers with even stranger "skills" may prove more frightening than their mysterious arsonist creating inexplicable fires. Thank goodness friend and former Nightshade agent Wade is on their side - but is Christina, the most frightening fellow Nightshade agent our team has encountered to date? Because if you can't trust that your thoughts, senses, and experiences are truly yours and not manufactured by a powerful brand of mind control, what can you trust?

The overarching plot more than satisfies, but I was most pleased to learn more about Eleri's mysterious gifts and her past. I also very much enjoyed meeting some other Nightshade agents and watching them work in this engaging fictional universe.

Fast paced, action packed, and full of plot twists that'll have you on the edge of your seat, this is a must for fans of thrillers, suspense, and paranormal!

happycat36 ,


Echo and Ember
I must have enjoyed AJScudiere’s most recent book. The evidence is
I got a ticket for reading it at a traffic light,
My granddaughter is still mad at me for reading it during her wedding.
My wife is upset that I missed saying “I love you” before I went to sleep for the first time in 58 years.
This is AJ’s typically well-written and well-researched book and with a couple of new Night-Shade characters with special abilities of their own, one who’s special ability I fear influenced this review - Even after I erased the book from my iPhone. The plot is typical AJ if you can call anything about AJ typical - well thought out, tense, and exciting,
My rating on the special Night-Shade scale is 4 wolves and a pup (same as 4 ½ stars on Amazon). For those who haven't read the others in the Night-Shade series I recommend you read them first even though each stands alone.
I would say more but I've got to take something for this buzzing in my head!

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