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A bloody massacre. An ancient curse. Modern knowledge. One young German holds the course of history in her hands.

Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany. Engineering student Amalia Weber is only training in Olympic judo to please her father. Caught in a storm on her daily run, the screams of a drowning woman draw her to a lake deep within the mystic Teutoberg forest. But when she jumps in to attempt a rescue, she’s pulled under herself… and somehow awakens alive two thousand years in the past.


Arminius doesn’t know what to make of the strange woman he found. Discovered where he was abducted as a boy by legionnaires following the slaughter of his former people, the Germanic-prince-turned-Roman-officer is certain the gods sent her to him. And until he can puzzle out why, he vows to keep her close.


Enslaved by Roman soldiers, Amalia struggles to survive in a world where her life means nothing. And when her Twenty-First Century skills are discovered, returning to her own time becomes the least of her worries.

Caught between the merciless forces of Rome and the wild Germanic tribes who dare to defy them, can a modern woman forge history as we know it?


Echoes of Germania is the first book in the riveting Tales of Ancient Worlds historical science fiction series. If you like tough female protagonists, ancient Roman history, and Norse mythology, then you’ll love being pinned by H. B. Ashman’s hard-hitting nail-biter.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
Timeless Papers
Denise Daye