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This book is a compilation of 13 contemporary science fiction and speculative fiction short stories by the author, including 10 newly edited and updated stories from his previous Book of Dreams and Mindscapes collections as well as three new stories. The scope of this collection extends from the innermost dimensions of the mind to the outer reaches of the universe. The stories touch on both timeless and novel themes including philosophical questions as to the meaning of life, the nature of reality, the power of love, and the superlative strength and wrenching weakness of the human spirit. The stories in this collection can be difficult to classify as they touch on a variety of themes, literary styles and genres that include hard and soft science fiction, horror, humor, romance and literary fiction in both traditional and unusual combinations.

Several of the stories in this collection can be classified as "dark fiction" that pose all too disturbingly feasible ways for human beings to destroy themselves through bad decisions--and perhaps even our corner of the universe. But these are tempered with humor and with the hope that springs from humanity's ability to cheat fate through its ingenuity--and, more importantly, to learn from its mistakes. These stories are intended to entertain, but also to leave the reader thinking long after she/he puts down the book.

The author is the Cypres Family Distinguished Professor in Legal Studies in Business at Hofstra University's Frank G. Zarb School of Business. He has published eight textbooks and textbook editions through traditional publishers including Irwin/Mirror Press, McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall and Textbook Media Press in addition to trade books and reference books on computer software and intellectual property law. He has also published numerous articles on law-related topics in law reviews and academic peer reviewed journals. His fiction and poetry has appeared In print in various college literary journals and he has published several books of short stories and poetry.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 29
Victor D. Lopez
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