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Strippers And Stockings (Ed The Elf #1)

Ed has been promoted and his first job is picking up the Polish team from the Santa International Sleigh Port for an 8pm meeting. However, the Poles have decided it is high time to go on a blazing bender across town and so give him the slip. Can Ed catch up to his charges and get them to the meeting on time? Or will he be demoted on his very first day?

The Jesus Race (Ed The Elf #2)

Rudolf has been kidnapped and Ed finds himself at the center of a wicked plot to win a horse race held by god and his angels. Can Ed control the super horny Rudolf and get him back to the North Pole safely?

Saving Ed (Ed The Elf #3)

The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future have Ed cornered. Can Ed escape? With a half-mad Rudolf after his head and a bunch of elf commandos set on annihilation, he's in for a hard time.

Elf Promotion (Ed The Elf #4)

Ed finally got the promotion of his dreams. Unfortunately, it turns out to be punishment for a crime he did not commit. With corruption and the threat of violence and a quick dismissal over his head, can Ed find his way out of this tricky situation?


Word Count Total: 32,200

Word Count Ed the Elf: 12,200

Word Count Kill Box: 20,000

(Contains the collection Kill Box as a special Christmas gift from Lunatic Ink Publishing.)

Titles In This Series:

# Strippers And Stockings (Ed The Elf #1)

# The Jesus Race (Ed The Elf #2)

# Saving Ed (Ed The Elf #3)

# Elf Promotion (Ed The Elf #4)

# Santa’s Factory (Ed The Elf #5)

# Santa’s Stolen Suit (Ed The Elf #6)

# Kids Attack (Ed The Elf #7)

# The Jesus Bomb (Ed The Elf #8)

# Boardroom Ed (Ed The Elf #9)

# Old School Elf (Ed The Elf #10)

# Elf Finale (Ed The Elf #11)

# Santa’s Savior (Ed The Elf #12)


-- Ed The Elf: Collection #1 (Stories 1-4)

-- Ed The Elf: Collection #2 (Stories 5-8)

-- Ed The Elf: Collection #3 (Stories 9-12)

Total Packages

Ed The Elf: The Total Package (Stories 1-12)

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December 21
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