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Boardroom Ed (Ed The Elf #9)

Ed is now a member of the board and Santa has charged him with cleaning out corruption in the Great Santa Corporation. However, in a double play by a corrupt member of the company, Ed finds himself due to be executed for the very crime he was asked to stop. Santa can't help him, so Ed's going to have to make his own way. Can he bring forth the truth and save his neck?

Old School Elf (Ed The Elf #10)

The X-11 Elf Suit has been stolen and Ed must get it back. In this hard boiled elf story, Ed takes out all the stops to get the suit back before it can be sold on the black market. However, can he live with what he must do to find it?

Elf Finale (Ed The Elf #11)

Santa has been taken by Jesus and is due to be executed. Ed and his friend Sunny must infiltrate the enemies lair and steal Santa from under their noses. Can Ed get in and out without losing himself or his friends?

Santa’s Savior (Ed The Elf #12)

Santa is severely injured and Ed must take on his role as Santa. Can he bring the seriously demotivated members of the company together to save Christmas? Download to find out!


Word Count Total: 33,000

Word Count Ed the Elf: 13,000

Word Count Kill Box: 20,000

(Contains the collection Kill Box as a special Christmas gift from Lunatic Ink Publishing.)

Titles In This Series:

# Strippers And Stockings (Ed The Elf #1)

# The Jesus Race (Ed The Elf #2)

# Saving Ed (Ed The Elf #3)

# Elf Promotion (Ed The Elf #4)

# Santa’s Factory (Ed The Elf #5)

# Santa’s Stolen Suit (Ed The Elf #6)

# Kids Attack (Ed The Elf #7)

# The Jesus Bomb (Ed The Elf #8)

# Boardroom Ed (Ed The Elf #9)

# Old School Elf (Ed The Elf #10)

# Elf Finale (Ed The Elf #11)

# Santa’s Savior (Ed The Elf #12)


-- Ed The Elf: Collection #1 (Stories 1-4)

-- Ed The Elf: Collection #2 (Stories 5-8)

-- Ed The Elf: Collection #3 (Stories 9-12)

Total Packages

Ed The Elf: The Total Package (Stories 1-12)

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December 21
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