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Eden’s Endgame is the stunning climax to the Eden Paradox series, bringing to a close the galaxy-shaking events of The Eden Paradox, Eden’s Trial and Eden’s Revenge. Humanity is depleted and marginalised, and its principal allies, the Kalarash, are losing the Galactic war. In an effort to hold back the enemy Qorall’s relentless armies, a formerly vanquished and deadly machine race is unleashed, but can the machines be turned off once they have served their purpose? On the human scale, humanity’s refugees take their fight to the Alician home planet, Savange, but Sister Esma left a nasty surprise for them... Who will win the war, and at what cost? How will the Alician-human conflict be resolved? And who will be left standing at the end of this ground-breaking series?

“Eden’s Endgame is a terrific read! Kirwan takes us on a wild ride that ties together earlier storylines yet reads well as a stand-alone. From spiders to Hohash, I loved it!” Emmie, USA

“Plotlines from the earlier books re-emerge in a way that shows the books were intensely planned by the author. This is now my favourite book in the series!” TFL reader, Florida

“No stone is left unturned as all the plotlines draw towards a satisfying climax. Would another series like this be too much to ask for?” Lynne, USA

“What started off as a blog tour has turned into an emotional rollercoaster across four books. Characters have come and gone, grown and regressed. Humanity faced more perils than they could ever imagine and prevailed. The characters really shone in the previous book. But in this one, they were given the chance for one final fight to protect humanity and this time, the stakes, and outcome, were higher than ever. Without naming names, quite a few of the characters from book one don’t make it through. Part of me expected this – there has been loss along the way already. But oh my word, I think my heart broke numerous times, which was awkward considering I was on a train. What made every sacrifice so moving, however, was knowing they all went out the way they would have wanted to: exploring new worlds; in a blaze of glory; the ultimate scientific experiment; fighting to protect those they love.” 

Lindsey, UK

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 1
Barry Kirwan
Barry Kirwan

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