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These revision sheets were written to support the Edexcel iGCSE in Biology TRIPLE SCIENCE. There are no animations in this version, as the focus is to provide a revision document that will work on a tablet or phone. 

These notes complement the others I have written for this iGCSE, but they can stand on their own too. In a revision schedule, I encourage my pupils to read the full course syllabus to begin with, and write notes to condense the information. Then the notes are condensed a second time, to make a set of notes allowing the pupil to go through the whole course in a matter of hours. These are my version of these condensed notes. I have tried where possible to shrink all topics to a single page.

They are designed for revision during the last days prior to the exam. Obviously they are not a broad discussion of syllabus that the earlier volumes were, and should not be treated as such. If there are points you are struggling to understand, this book is unlikely to help, and you are better referring to one of my other Biology textbooks.  

The notes are based on the only iGCSE exam papers set so far. As they are in the form of the ebook, I can update the notes when needed within a week, in response to any alterations to the syllabus or an unusual question set on a recent exam paper (thus I will update when necessary after every June and January exam). This rapid response is obviously impossible with a paper textbook, and is one of the huge advantages of ebooks. 

The bullet points are based on how questions should be answered in exam questions, and what the vital points are to understand. Thus revision is highly focused. 

So far my classes studying the triple science syllabus have secured over 70% A-A* in the exams using my teaching methods supported by revision notes. 

I hope they may be of the same assistance to you.

Dr Peter Scott

Science & Nature
January 3
Peter Scott
Tablo Pty Ltd

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