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All readers interested in illustrated literature, from middle school to young adult to the old and venerable, read and witness: Hop-Frog, a captive dwarf, served as the king’s jester for the scraps that fell from the royal table. He was able to endure maltreatment from the king and his ministers as long as his friend Trippetta was treated with dignity. But when the king disrespected Miss Trippetta, Hop-Frog devised a plan that would make the king regret his bad deed forevermore. 

Watch Hop-Frog carry out his ingenious plan via fine-art illustrations from the pen of Marc Johnson-Pencook. Marc’s amazing illustrations will pull you into the story while Edgar Allan Poe’s fast-moving tale engrosses and challenges you. Author Jerome Tiller's light and respectful editing simplifies and modernizes the text just enough to make this illustrated adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic story a fitting literary vehicle to introduce middle school readers to Edgar Allan Poe, America's most chilling and mysterious author. 

But this adapted classic is not only for middle school readers. It will also entertain all young adult readers and every reader who enjoys beautifully written classic stories with fine art illustrations; namely, classic illustrated literature. Jerome Tiller chooses the fastest moving short-form, classic literature – like this classic short story told by renowned author Edgar Allan Poe – and modernizes the language while he adapts them to blend with Marc Johnson-Pencook's imaginative, fine art illustrations that rival any that were rendered in the golden era of illustration. End result – illustrated literature tailored for a range of modern readers, from middle school to young adult to mid-life and beyond! This is illustrated classic literature at its finest, for one and for all!

Young Adult
October 31
ArtWrite Productions
Jerome Tiller
Grades 6-12

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