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E.D.G.E. Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won’t. The operators are the elite of the elite, soldiers and spies, chosen for their skills and secrecy, and their ability to go beyond the edge.


In the jungles of Colombia one spy meets another… 

Tell No One

Quinn Sinclair has worked hard and sacrificed much to become one of the only female operatives with the British Special Reconnaissance Regiment. Undercover as a medic in the Colombian jungle, Quinn is single minded in her assignment until the night a rescue mission goes awry. Instead of saving an innocent hostage from a drug lord she finds herself treating a sexy, wounded soldier, a man likely working for the enemy. Her new task? Maintain her cover, keep an eye on the enemy and guard the secret she carries at all costs. It should be easy except this soldier has a way of seeing right through her, making her feel things she’s never felt before. 


Trust No One

EDGE operator Marc Koven doesn’t trust easily, no spy does. When a mission goes wrong and he ends up wounded and in the hands of a fiery and beautiful medic, he’s immediately suspicious. Something about Quinn makes his blood boil. She’s a woman with secrets. Secrets he wants to unravel. But he won’t let her endanger his mission. He’s been taught to keep his enemies close and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. However, the closer he gets the more Quinn challenges him, tempting him to do something stupid like haul her up against him and kiss the secrets right out of her. 


Love No One

Forced together for the sake of the mission, Quinn and Marc must face the dangers of the jungle, fight a vicious drug cartel, and tame their overwhelming desire for each other. To survive, they must learn to trust one another above all else or be swept over the edge of fury. 

May 24
Tough Girl Press
Trish Loye

Customer Reviews

skr247 ,

Edge of fury

Great read action packed. Liked that the heroine was also a bad***. Made the story more interesting than the typical damsel in distress with the knight in shining armor bit.

Crazy not lazy ,

Edge of Fury

Good read! Action packed and you never know what is coming next. I wasn't too excited with the ending.

clairejsu18 ,

Freaking great

This book catches your attention from the beginning and it never stops. Finally a love story that isn’t so traditional like every other romance book. I’ll be reading this one again for sure and I recommend doing the same

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