Edward's Cat. The Rise of the Kittens. And a Dog‪.‬

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Logan, Edward's son he has with his magical wife, Sally, is also bullied at school. Being able to transform into a Maine Coon cat helps Logan to fight the bullies. Along with his almost cousin, Chloe, who transforms into a Ragdoll cat and Jack, his friend who transforms into a Jack Russell dog, Logan has help in his quest to rid schools of bullies. Along with his group of geeks, he continues the good work his father did where all schools now have a 'no tolerance' rule to bullying.

With enough to worry about at school, Logan also worries about his father being bullied at the A-Alliance, the secret magical society where his family are members. A tear-away group want Edward ousted from the society because he wasn't born a magical, Edward inherited his sister Milly's magic when she passed away. This is something Logan doesn't want to happen because he can't imagine attending the A-Alliance without his father.

Read how Logan negotiates primary and secondary school with bullies taunting him and his friends. The geek group is determined to rid their school of bullying, but it's not easy and they rely on the two cats and a dog to help them out.

This magical realism story is for young adult readers from ten years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic. The first book is Edward's coming-of-age story showing how grief can be debilitating but with time, life can return to some semblance of normal. Edward used his magical power for good, making good friends along the way while becoming the person he wants to be.

Stay tuned for Book Three coming in late 2024.

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November 30
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