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Getting caught by the cops is never a good thing.

Getting caught by the cops while you are peeping into a nursing home with binoculars?

You better hope the ground opens up and swallows you whole. Especially when your Great Dane sidekick warning system is in the backseat snoring, you look like a bum, and the cop in question is Detective Yummy.

Detective Yummy, is one of Atlantic City' finest cops Camden Jacob. Sterling Honeybloom’s private investigating career is already on the skids. She went from busting a murder for hire plot on Facebook, admittedly it was her own, to taking a series of cases that a real private investigators wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Taking pictures of old men letting their dogs poop on their neighbors yards, destroyed cupcake towers, and cat fights on front lawns was not the fun job she had in mind. While it added some humor to her day, the addition of the hot shot detective to the mix only made her look like a little kid playing with plastic guns. It was not helping her image.

The two main players in the biggest case to come her way are old social enemies of hers, Shelia Aldrich and Odelia Wellington. Looking like an idiot is not an option in front of these two. The hate runs deep and thick but it is not the lemurs,that she has to find, fault she doesn’t like their owner. It is also not the animals fault she can’t quite seem to keep her mind and eyes off of Detective Yummy, Camden Jacob’s butt. Losing focus on this case could be disastrous to a lot of things : the lives of the lemurs, Sterling’s life as she tangles with assassins and animal smugglers, and her romance with Mak, the general manager at The Lucky Charms casino.

A warehouse explosion may just solve everything in mystery.

November 1
Claire Raines
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