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Jimmy Henderson Brings You Effective Listening Skills
Learn Effective Listening Skills for Counsellors for Better Communication Outcomes

In today's rushed world, people hear, but they don't always listen. Do people ever accuse you of not listening? Do you feel as though you don't understand your loved ones? If you're a counsellor, or someone who wishes to better listen and communicate, this book is for you.

When patients come to you for counselling, they need to feel heard and understood. Most importantly, you need to hear them in order to help them reach the outcomes required for their mental health. Teachers, parents and caregivers have the added responsibility of caring for a loved one's well being and listening is a great way to build trust.

"Effective Listening Skills" is the answer for people who are interested in counselling, as well as teachers, nurses and other caregivers. However, it is also for ordinary people who wish to improve their communication and listening skills.

The book offers a brief background into human psychological and emotional needs. It also includes guidelines on important non-verbal communication skills, focusing specifically on simple listening skills, such as feedback and reflection, which can be adopted by any person, without necessarily being trained as a counsellor.

Learning effective listening skills can improve your relationships with people in your day-to-day life, and as a counsellor, it can improve counseling outcomes.

--- Effective Listening Skills is suitable to teenagers, young adults, and everyone who wishes to improve communication skills.
--- The subject matter is topical in a society where effective communication between people is very important.
--- The guide will also teach empathy, patience and tolerance in dealing with others.

Jimmy Henderson Hons BA (phil.) MA (psychology) Cert. Trauma Counselling has authored several useful guides based on his learning and experiences as a counselor. He is passionate about mental health and frequently teaches at conferences and seminars.

You can improve your communications and heal your relationships - Order Jimmy Henderson's Effective Listening Skills now!

January 10
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