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This book is designed to be a very practical approach to dealing with stress. With that aim in mind it has been divided into sections. The inclusion of audio photos and video files are designed to help you understand the EFT process and to make it easier to for you to use this ebook to help you clear your stress it is best viewed in landscape format to engage interactive elements.

Section 1 Provides clear succinct information about stress. 

Section 2  Introduces EFT, a very powerful therapeutic technique. 

EFT has been used with war veterans and has been found to get results. If you think about the type of issues experienced by veterans, they are generally at the top end of the scale. It is quite common for them to have post traumatic stress disorder, to have addictions and other issues due to being exposed to extremely stressful events. The technique taught in this book is a self help tool for you to gain mastery over your stress.

Section 3 deals with formulating a plan to apply EFT to your stress for maximum effect. 

This section shows you how to clear stress from its roots; the past traumatic events in your life that are impacting your life now. It also provides a plan to stop stress building now i.e. the current stress plan.

This book is designed so that you can skip parts and go directly to the section that helps you the most. For example, you might feel that you know all there is about stress and that is fine. You can go straight to section two on EFT and learn this very powerful therapeutic approach. Alternatively if you are already familiar with EFT you might choose to go to section three and start formulating your plan to deal with stress. The choice is yours.

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Life Beyond Limits
Stefan Bajic