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The Path to Prosperity

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In 2019, Standard Chartered Bank identified Egypt as a high-growth economy. Its $8.2 trillion GDP will make it the 7th largest economy in 2030, ahead of Russia, Germany, and Japan.

Egyptian economic growth would drive the growth in private wealth that is expected to reach $731 billion in 2030, which is over 2 times its 2020 level of $281 billion. Egypt also has a very attractive demographic profile, which contributes significantly to private wealth growth. Egypt is Africa’s 2nd largest economy and the MENA’s 5th largest economy.

To understand the potential of the wealth management industry requires a thorough understanding of Egypt as a country. This report analyses Egypt's wealth management industry, including its growth drivers, challenges, and strategies that wealth management professionals are using to navigate this dynamic market. This would help local and international investors capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Egypt's economic reforms, political stability, and strategic location as a gateway for regional and international investments, are highlighted in the report. It also examines how the government's efforts to attract foreign direct investment and promote entrepreneurship have increased Egypt's wealth.

The report also examines Egypt's private banking, asset management, and financial planning sectors. It reviews domestic and international market leaders and their strategies for attracting and retaining wealthy clients.

The report provides insights into Egyptian HNWs' asset allocation preferences, risk appetite, and investment strategies. It also addresses the industry's challenges, such as the lack of skilled professionals, financial literacy, and the importance of building trust and relationship-building in a society that values personal connections.

The report provides guidance to wealth management professionals and investors entering or expanding in Egypt. This covers market segmentation, product customisation, technology adoption, and talent development.

Success in wealth management requires professionals to become trusted advisors and help clients reach their financial goals.

This report examines Egypt's wealth management industry's opportunities, challenges, and growth strategies. Wealth management professionals can navigate this changing landscape and take advantage of its many opportunities by understanding the Egyptian market and tailoring their services and strategies.

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July 30
Vikrant Bhalerao
Vikrant Bhalerao