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Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us? is the culmination of twenty years of research into Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), by Anabela Cardoso, a career diplomat and the editor of itcjournal.org.


ITC is the phenomena whereby allegedly deceased communicators relay messages and images to the living via radio equipment, televisions, computers, answerphones and other recording devices. 

In this second work the author presents the reader with an abundance of dialogue with those who have gone before us.  Subjects discussed include time, space, the nature of life, the group soul, reincarnation, God, life, and much more.  

One communicator informs us, “You live in the space of an illusion that we call time”. Another adds, “The object of an earthly life is not just the goodness. The object is to be conscious”. 

One small way of becoming more conscious is to read this book! 

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July 26
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Cedar Park Tx ,

Excellent Resource for EVP Students

I have been conducting investigations into discarnate entities that have been captured speaking in EVP recordings around Austin, Texas for the past ten years. In addition to the 100,000+ recordings I’ve personally captured I researched the top 50 most influential books on EVPs and the paranormal written by scientists, doctors, and professors across a wide range of disciplines. Some of the well known names are Dr. Konstatin Raudive Ph.D., Friedrich Jürgenson, Hans Bender, Hans Holzer, Lawrence M. Krause, Guy Lyon Playfair, and scientists from the Society for Psychical Research London UK. I compared and contrasted my findings with those published works and developed an advanced understanding of the communication methods successfully employed by spirit entities. This book by Anabela Cardoso is extremely accurate and provides a contemporary look at a phenomenon discovered ever since the first wax cylinder Victrola recorded them at the turn of the last century. I have over 100 books on paranormal research in my library, but if I could only own a couple then Cardoso’s book would have to be one of them. Easy to understand and fascinating to read, I highly recommend this book.