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The Elements of Computing Style deals with the effective use of computing technology: a work style that can readily increase your productivity. Bookstore shelves are full of beginners’ guides and software-specific manuals. These, occasionally useful, books won't help you if you're already versant in computer technology but use it in a suboptimal way, wasting your valuable time performing repetitive tasks or struggling with easily avoidable problems. Computing style is what distinguishes a computer expert from a user who just gets by. Although following a few tips won't make you a computing guru, you can readily bridge a large part of the productivity gap between you and an expert by following this book’s advice. The 200+ tips included in the book can provide 80% of an expert’s effectiveness.

The text covers all aspects of computing use: computer-related work habits; web searching and surfing; email handling and etiquette; working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; essential advice on typography, data management, security, privacy, and digital preservation; travelling; IT equipment; system administration; ergonomics; entertainment. Most professionals, even seasoned computer users, fail to use computing technology in its full potential. This short book provides specific advice that delivers immediate improvements in effectiveness and job performance.

Through this book's 200+ tips you will learn things like the following.

How can I finish a lengthy report on time?
How can I automate the handling of my email?
Why are email's blind carbon copies an invitation to a disaster?
Which keyboard shortcuts can I use to speed-up my work?
How can I simplify my spreadsheets?
What makes an effective presentation?
How can I ensure I’ll be able to access my files in twenty years?
What should I pack before a trip?

Computers & Internet
August 27
Diomidis Spinellis

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