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Lydia Gold hopes she’s normal. She’s not. Soon, she will be inherited by one of the most powerful billionaires in the country – Richard Hargrave.

Richard has a secret – the same secret that flows through Lydia’s blood and that darkens the city streets of Fairchurch. Magic. He comes from a long line of practitioners, and he’s been charged since the day he was born with protecting the innocent. That duty comes at a cost – not to him. To Lydia.

From the day she is inherited and thrust into this dark world of magic and power, he will use her, for he has no choice. But Lydia will fight. It’s in her bones, pulsing in her heart, rattling in her soul – the need to battle. And though at first she directs that force at Richard, soon enough she will be drawn too far into this world, and importantly, far too close to him.

Elements of Fire is an urban fantasy series sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s The Frozen Witch.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 5
Odette C. Bell
Odette C. Bell

Customer Reviews

MomThiver ,

First read

I got this one because it was free. Although I do love the book there were a few times I was confused by the way it was written. There also seems to be an over use of certain words and at times they don't fit in with the sentence that is written.

I will be finishing this series though!

Christie, agatha ,

The witch

Good story...horrible grammar. Used the same word/phrase way too much. I threw myself down the steps, I threw open the door, etc. very poorly written and this matters a great deal to me.

Dunnguard ,


Ah greed, such a terrible thing. This author pens with one intent--to sell the next book in a series. Then the next. Then the next. Be warned.

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