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F. B. Meyer's examination of the Prophet Elijah is counted among the most spiritually intensive and detailed ever to be written.

The author first places the subject in its historical context - Elijah lived at a time when Israel was divided. Formerly a cohesive society under the able guidance of King Solomon, the Kingdom of Israel and Judah were at odds. The Book of Kings recounts Elijah's ascendance, wherein he became one of the greatest holy men ever seen. 

Meyer examines the life of the great prophet with a close examination of the scriptures. The various interactions between Elijah and Ahab for example are closely narrated, with their rivalry and conflict over the worship of other Gods analyzed. Meyer discusses the emotional states of Elijah and others, how life's trials presented challenge after challenge, with the gradual, transforming effect of making Eljiah one of God's greatest prophets. 

The various prophesies of Elijah, and the miraculous deeds which he carried out across the lands of Israel, are related. F. B. Meyer imbues his discussion of nature of Elijah's spirit, and how he put his devotion to God into action with beneficent deeds, with a human essence. We are encouraged to visualize the ancient landscape, to vividly imagine the episodes of the prophet's life. 

In authoring biographies of several of the Bible's most important figures, Meyer took care to be evocative while shining light upon their essential humanity. That Elijah was able to go from shepherding to national prominence is an inspiring story in itself; his power to inspire and call upon God for guidance and wisdom all the more so. 

F. B. Meyer's books have lost none of their vital essence, their contents being for all-time.

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December 27
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