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“There was Elizabeth the First of England, in all her virginal glory, staring in complete astonishment at my fragrantly flushing lavatory and William Shakespeare, the writer, the genius, the bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, crumpled in sodden heap in my bath with a look of utter dejection that was positively comical.”

S. Lynn Scott’s debut novel is a funny, moving and very original tale that takes the reader on a rollicking adventure through modern England – accompanied by the Virgin Queen and William Shakespeare. 

Ally is living an ordinary life until Elizabeth and William come to stay. Exactly why Elizabeth Tudor should choose her pantry to appear in, or why the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon should show up later in her bath is a bit of a mystery, not to mention a dreadful inconvenience, but the crotchety Elizabeth has a mission and she is used to getting her own way. Ally too, needs to recover something that has been lost, and perhaps Elizabeth and William will be the means by which she will find it. 

Elizabeth, William... and Me takes a wry look at modern life through the eyes of two of history’s most famous personalities. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-breaking, the trio’s quest takes them from middle England to the cold streets of London, from a shelter for the homeless to the home of the very highest in the land; and from grief to acceptance. 

Drawing from S. Lynn Scott’s knowledge of Elizabethan England and her experience of directing Shakespeare productions, Elizabeth, William... and Me is an accessible and imaginative novel that will appeal to both fans and non-fans of Shakespeare, as well as readers who enjoy humorous fiction – with unexpected twists...

Fiction & Literature
June 20
Troubador Publishing Ltd

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