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Elon Musk is primarily known for the part he played in founding the widely known electronic money transfer site Paypal.com. Though the company been the subject of several controversies, it remains the most trusted medium for Internet commerce. These days, Musk applies the same imagination and ability to innovate that he used to make PayPal a success to his leadership of Tesla Motors, of which he is presently chairman. The small automobile manufacturer appears to be on the brink of major breakthroughs the industry, seeking to create usable, practical electric cars that can truly compete with gasoline-powered vehicles. Musk, an engineer, has played an integral part in the development of the company's flagship vehicle, the Tesla Roadster.


The flagship vehicle, the Roadster, is intended to prove the viability of the electric car both to the public and to potential investors.The Roadster is a high performance, all-electric, two-seater sports car. The company later intends to market the somewhat more affordable all-electric luxury sedan called the Model S. In addition to making its own line of electric vehicles, Tesla also supplies batteries to major auto companies for use in their electric and hybrid cars. For the moment, the sale of these batteries is Tesla Motors' main source of income. Musk has said that he intends Tesla to become a fully independent auto manufacturer that specializes in zero emissions all electric vehicles. His goal is to make a major difference in the world's consumption of oil. As the Roadster's Product Architect, prior to becoming CEO, Musk won a Global Green Award that was presented to him by Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Tesla Model S is expected to ship in June of 2012, and analysts have stated the future of the company hinges specifically on how well these do in the marketplace. Tesla shares have declined in value in early February, but this was expected; investors were warned as early as 2010 that just prior to the release of the Model S, Tesla Motors' revenues would decline. Still, this has led to heavy criticism of Elon Musk's leadership abilities. Musk has said that reports of the company's financial issues are exaggerated, and that the company is in position to produce both the Model S and the upcoming Model X Crossover SUV....

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bigsky1967 ,

nice book

Very enjoyable short read. definitely worth $2.99!

c2da_da ,

Elon Musk by Pauline T.

Worst book ever. Pauline T. should be paying me to read this stupid thing. I was an idiot for purchasing this book - don’t be one too.

Dbrobey ,

Terrible waste of money.

You may as well google/wiki. Very short and poorly written. Not worth $5. I'm really disappointed. I'm not a fast reader... read book in 30 minutes.

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