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Elysia Feldon lives an idyllic teenage existence. Her biggest concern is whether her best friend, Rhys, is in love with her childhood nemesis. That is, until an invading tyrant takes everything she holds dear. Her father and Rhys go off to war, her village is attacked by raiders, and her home is burned to the ground. Alone and afraid, she struggles to survive until she meets other refugees. Together, they create a hidden sanctuary in the mountains and make a stand against the invaders. Tales of their escapades spreads, and the legend of the Shadow is born. 


Interview with the author:


Q – Is Elysian Field part of a series?


A – Yes, in fact it’s the first novel in the Shadow Rebellion Legends. The second book should be out in summer.


Q – What makes the Shadow Rebellion Legends  special?


A – The inspiration for the series came from the classic tale of Robin Hood. Robin Hood has always been one of my favorite heroes, and Elysia is based on him. When thrown into a difficult situation, she takes care of those who can't take care of themselves. It's a trait that I really respect. 


Q – So why should readers give these books a try?


A – Elysian Field is a story that parallels the human condition from start to finish. It is a tale of coming of age quickly after being thrust into the misery of war and violence, something that shouldn’t have to happen to teen-agers going through the throes of normal growing up and establishing their own identity. Yet it shows that this age group has an amazing ability to adapt and step up to the plate with courage and tenacity. 


Q – Where can readers learn more about me and my upcoming series?


A – Visit my website http://lmfry.com to get free books, artwork, and updates. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


The Shadow Rebellion Legends Categories:

- Fantasy

- Dystopian

- Teen Science Fiction/ Fantasy Novels

- Retelling

- Robin Hood

- Fantasy and Magic Series

- Myths and Legends Fiction


Amazon Bestselling Teen Science Fiction/ Fantasy author, L.M. fry, presents Elysian Field, a young adult fantasy/ dystopian novel. Join Elysia in a fast-paced adventure filled with intrigue, romance, and thrills.

Young Adult
March 1
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