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The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance collects hundreds of written laws that have been inflicted on humanity by various culprits over the past 5000 years. The laws in this book may be unusual, bizarre, absurd, stupid, or all of the above, but every one of them is real. Unlike some other books of this kind which the author could mention but won't, every law in this one has been verified. So if you've always wondered, for example, whether you are legally required to join a posse or what to do if your bees fly into somebody else's hive, you probably need to get out more but you will find the answers to those and many other ridiculous questions in this book.Here's a collection of written laws where, strange as it will seem at times, each one was actually thought up by one or more real human beings who then, in most cases, decided after writing it down and upon further reflection that yes, this would be a good rule that everybody should follow from now on. In some cases, the rule is just stupid. In others, the rule itself may make sense but only because human beings are what they are. You'll find more than 200 unusual, bizarre, and absurd laws that seem too weird to be true, but are indeed true. The book begins with the laws of ancient Sumeria and Babylon, then moves on to the laws of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and also features some examples from medieval times. All the ancient laws discussed here are translations from languages other than English. As this book is for entertainment purposes, if you're looking for linguistic precision, you might want to adjust your monocle and head over to a more serious section of the bookstore, Señor Braniac. Most of the book is comprised of laws inflicted on the population of the United States. The book then concludes with a selection of modern(ish) laws from other countries, some of which have a legal system similar to that of the United States (the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), some of which have a completely different tradition (Germany, China, Papua New Guinea), and some of which can barely be said to observe the rule of law" at all. Above all, all of the laws mentioned in this book are (or were) real. The author did research and everything, and has even provided citations in case you want to check his work.

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Seriously funny seriousness

If you like laughing at human stupidity from a (usually) safe distance, buy this book now.