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The one man she feared was the one who could steal her heart. 

Thirteen years after her family was torn apart, Emilie Gallant journeys through untamed Louisiana in search of her father. But the dangers of the bayou are nothing compared to the fierce passion of Lorenz Dugas, her longtime companion.

But Lorenz is equally determined to win Emilie’s heart and his passion will prove that their love cannot be denied.

As they make their way across the untamed Louisiana wilderness, hoping to reunite the Gallant family, Emilie learns that love has a way of healing all wounds — even in the most unusual places. 

“Pick up a copy of Emilie for your reading pleasure, and take a journey into the historical Acadian (Cajun) country of Louisiana for an educational, romantic read.” 

—Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today 

“The beauty of Ms. Claire’s tale is in the message that love makes one a stronger and better person. She leaves just enough hints to keep readers eagerly anticipating the next two sisters’ tales. As a history buff, I enjoyed learning about the Acadian (Cajun) culture, as well as the story’s characters.” 

—Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times magazine 

“I’m saving a spot for Cherie Claire on my keepershelf!” 

—Heather Nordahl, Affaire de Coeur 


• Historical American romance, set in Louisiana in 1768 

• Book One of Cherie’s The Cajuns series 

• A full-length novel of 90,000 words (about 365 printed book pages) 

• R-rated content: Steamy love scenes! 

• Originally published by Kensington Publishing Co. (Ballad Books) 

The Cajuns series follows a family of Acadians (Cajuns) who travel to South Louisiana and start anew after being exiled from their Nova Scotia home. The first three books follow the Gallant sisters as they attempt to reunite with their father in the wilds of Louisiana and Delphine (Book Four) takes place during Louisiana's role in the American Revolution. The Dugas family saga continues with A Cajun Dream (Book Five) and The Letter (Book Six). For a family tree, visit 

The Cajuns historical saga

Book One: Emilie 

Book Two: Rose 

Book Three: Gabrielle 

Book Four: Delphine 

Book Five: A Cajun Dream 

Book Six: The Letter

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Cherie Claire
Chere Coen

Customer Reviews

Omahanut ,

Great read

Loved this story of childhood friends turned lovers! Great history description and story flow. Highly recommend!

FineThings ,

Brings my Acadian ancestry to life!

Claire weaves an imaginative tale with just the right balance. She employs good character development and descriptive prose to tell a story that factually depicts the exile of French immigrants from Nova Scotia in historically accurate detail. I found the tasteful use of salacious descriptions and absence of crude language very refreshing. . .so call me a prude!

Meht1991 ,


I learned a lot about the Acadians, which are some of my grandchildrens' ancestors. The story gave me a lot of insight as to how they came from Canada/Nova Scotia to settle in the lower Mississippi River and its surrounding lands. The story was well told with the main two characters, Emilie and Loranzo. I would highly recommend this story to all age groups.


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